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How to cater to your military customers on the internet


One question we hear from a lot of businesses around the military community is "How can I serve more military members & their families?"  Here are some simple ideas that will show the military-families in your community you stand behind them & want to have them as future customers.


Build a Military Section on your web-site

If you have your own web site a simple way is to have a section on your site devoted to the military.  You can link to your local installation, a link to the cities in the area and maps, as well as a link to  This will show your military-members that you stand behind them & want to support them.  Here is a short article on linking to


Write a blog entry showcasing the ways you support our troops

Perhaps you have a blog that you use to communicate with customers.  You can write an entry about ways in which you support your troops.  This would of course include a link to your Ad & Coupon!


Offer News

Did you know that we scour the news every day and place relevant news & articles on the site for our military families?  You can have these articles available for your military families.  These articles come from military installations, articles written by our team as well as from our partners & other military related organizations.  Your new clientele will appreciate having access to news he or she can use & come back to your site again and again to keep up with the latest.  Click on the grey box 'Get Widget' & then 'Embed Code' towards the bottom from the pop-up box.  You can simply copy and paste the script onto your site where you want it to show up.


Email us to get the code for your site! 


Write an article for our monthly military-family newsletter

Each month we present a newsletter to our military subscribers.  You can find information on upcoming article needs and deadlines: Submit an Article.   You can also subscribe to our military-family focused newsletter on our newsletter sign-up page.


Write an article about the community around you for

A perfect example was presented to us by a real estate agent at Kirtland AFB: Buying a home in Albuquerque.  It is very informative and importantly not simply an advertisement.  We are happy to provide your contact information at the end of the article so think of the free advertising.

Do you need further assistance?  Have another idea?  Please give our team a call at (877) 425 9992 & we would be happy to help you.

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