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 Installation Search and Prudential Real Estate have joined forces to promote the Prudential Military AdvantageSM Program presents Prudential

Prudential Military AdvantageSM Program



Backed by the Rock Solid® reputation of Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc., Prudential’s Military AdvantageSM Program offers unique benefits for military families on the move.

With the Prudential Military AdvantageSM Program, buyers can now feel comfortable that the home they are purchasing through Prudential Real Estate is a home that is:

  • Conveniently located within 25 miles of an active military installation – for easy commuting
  • Priced within 5% of fair market value, as determined by a local Comparative Market Analysis*
  • Covered with a one-year Comprehensive Home Warranty policy at the time of closing.

*A Comparative Market Analysis is based on comparable property sales but does not constitute an appraisal. The actual fair market value of any property is the price agreed on by a willing buyer and a willing seller.



Prudential Military AdvantageSM Program is made for Sellers too!

List your home with a Prudential Real Estate sales professional, and the Prudential Military AdvantageSM Program will reach military buyers who are ready, willing and able to move quickly.

Your sales professional will provide the special collateral materials created to bring your property right to the military buyer. Materials such as:

  • Yard Sign Riders identifying your property as a Prudential Military AdvantageSM Property
  • Special advertising venues to reach military personnel and their families.
  • Special marketing brochures
  • Targeted eCards
  • Targeted postcards
  • And much more!


Supporting the Relocation, Travel, and Lifestyle Needs
of the American Military Family.

Created by a team of military and Internet veterans, is an online service supporting the military relocation, travel, and lifestyle needs of the American military family. This very large family is made of millions of military active duty, retirees, veterans, DoD civilians and contractors, and, of course, the military spouses and children.

Since one-third of the military relocate every year, we understand constant change is a part of the military culture. A next assignment could be for three years, a permanent change of station (PCS), or for three days, a temporary duty (TDY). Regardless, our military need timely and accurate information about both their new military installation and community. Traditionally, this information didn’t exist in one place...until now.

At, we created an extensive directory of service providers and public services. Organized into over 100 categories, we offer complete views of 231 military installations and their surrounding communities.

The easy to navigate site allows service members to select their branch of service, whether Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard and then locate local listings, from our database of over 800,000 businesses, for both their current and destination installation. In addition to listing businesses, local schools, and installation information, the site also presents articles and resources to help prepare families for their move.

Most importantly, our company acts as an advocate for the military family and community, searching for and finding businesses that work hard to serve the military. We encourage businesses to provide discounted merchandise and services to those who serve. If they offer any kind of military discount, or as we call it, Military Reward™, they can advertise on our site for free. We would like to simply reward those businesses who reward those who serve.


How do the military hear about

Each Military Times and numerous base papers have had articles about



Customer Support


Prudential Real Estate sales professionals and military members alike are welcome to call our technical support line at 1-877-425-9992 for assistance.

Please send any questions to us via [email protected] if you would prefer a response via email.

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