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Atlantic Warriors Wing Chun Kung Fu

11915 Beach Blvd.   Ste. 117
Jacksonville,  Florida  32246

Military Reward!!

10% OFF ANY Martial Arts class to active duty military, and their spouses.

Phone (904) 233-1110     
Business Profile
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday
Years in Business
Areas Served
All of North Florida, and South Georgia
Certifications / Affiliations
Lineage Holder-Worldwide Leung Sheung Lineage Association. Certified Wing Chun Instructor. Certified Philippine Arnis Instructor.
Business Credentials
BBB A+ Rating. Active member of the Chamber of Commerce.
Additional Information
Wing Chun is a traditional Chinese fighting art. It is direct, uses economy of movement, and is very comprehensive. We feel the laws of physics determine the best ways to move and defend one’s self. These concepts and principles govern how we move, fight and train. Most other martial arts schools rely on muscular strength, speed, and purely physical technique. Instead, the concepts we use involve position, sensitivity, structure, footwork, and technique to deal with aggressors.
The art is highly efficient and aggressive, yet we train to acquire effortless combat skills. The human’s most basic and natural instinct is self-preservation. When we are children in the developmental stages, these basic instincts come more naturally to us, however over time we become civilized and need to, as adults, be trained to use our once natural instinct of self-preservation. At Atlantic Warriors our mission is to train in the science of self preservation.

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