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We want to accommodate all of our Military Partners needs when we can.  If you would like to pay by check for an upgraded package please send us an email.  We will give you instructions so that we can work together to meet your billing-needs.



"The U.S. military is a highly mobile population that REALTORS® can no longer ignore in their marketing efforts. MilitaryAvenue.com offers REALTORS® at the local level an easy and affordable way to connect with service members worldwide."

Pat Vredevoogd Combs, President of the National Association of REALTORS®,
“I love the information and have been passing on your link.  There is so much useful information… I will do my part in passing it on.  Thank you and your group again for giving me the chance to advertise…I know the family of military members appreciates your wealth of information.  Anything I can do for you or your partners, please let me know.” 
Vickie Briem
Keller Williams Advantage
“I have emailed all of our lawn care professional volunteers to inform them of your website.”
Project Greencare
“I thought it (MilitaryAvenue.com) is a really great place for military families as well as business owners.  I have 2 other business that I would like to advertise…Again, thank you!”
As if running 3 businesses wasn't enough, I had to run off and decide to get married and plan a wedding in the middle of all this as well! Which, by the way, I found a planner from MilitaryAvenue.com!
Takiya Smith
Southern Coastal Cleaning
“Thank you, for your website and the opportunity to serve those in uniform.  I appreciate your quick response in getting our information onto your site.  Great job!” 
Mike Fuller
U-Finish-It Furniture

Partner Listing Help

Help Page Table of Contents:

  • Step 1: MilitaryAvenue.com Contact and Account Information
  • Step 2:  Build your listing
  • Step 3:  Checkout
  • General hints and tips to get approved quickly
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1: MilitaryAvenue.com Contact and Account Information

When filling out the step, please enter your name and mailing information as accurately as possible as this is the contact information we will use for administrative purposes (welcome letter, site notifications etc). Also, record or print your account user name and password so that you can edit your information at a later date.
Step 2:  Build your listing
Selecting Base and Category: When selecting a base please choose one that lies within a 100 mile radius of your place of business. Do your best to select the category that most closely fits your line of business. This helps to insure that listings remain local and relevant to our military users. 
Military Rewards TM: Military Rewards TM are one of the greatest pieces of value we offer at MilitaryAvenue.com. Please take your time to create something that is special and of value to our military members and their families. Hints to get approved quickly:

  • Be as specific as possible using numbers where applicable. (Good example, gift card $49 value. Bad example, free offer call for details)
  • Use the Golden Rule. Give the Military Reward TM that you would like to receive yourself.
Upgraded Packages:

  • First Class Package: Enter up to 50 characters in the “brief overview” field, which will display on your listing. Then there is a field for your web address that will display on your listing as well. The next field allows up to 1000 characters of additional information which will appear on your “more info” page.  
  • General’s Package: This package includes everything in the First Class Package except you receive 100 characters for your “brief overview” field instead 50. This package also includes an area to upload up to 6 images. These options are explained in further detail below.
  • Featured Partner General’s Package: This package includes everything in the regular General’s package plus you will receive a Featured Partner Banner that is syndicated in all categories, for the installation(s) where you are listed.  If you do select this package, a person from MilitaryAvenue.com will contact you to begin building your banner ad. Average turnaround time on a Featured Partner banner ad is two to three business days.  Here is more information on becoming a Featured Partner.
Add Image/Logo:  Use the browse button to find the image you would like to upload as your logo or primary image. Please choose from the following file formats, jpeg or bmp files. Once you’ve selected the image you would like, click the upload button. For your convenience we also provide a caption field for you to label the image. This feature is available for First Class packages and up.  

Add Additional Images: 
This interface works just like the “add image/logo” feature except that it allows up to 5 additional images. This feature is available for the General’s and Featured General’s packages. You can either upload a picture directly to the site from your computer or use a picture from your own website. 

Business Information:
 This feature is the heart of your “more info” page. The “more info” page is the webpage that is created for your business and linked to from your category listing. This feature is available for all packages. Fill out the fields that are applicable, any empty fields will not display. 

Ownership: Check off the boxes that apply. This feature is available to all packages.

Terms and Conditions:
 Check that you’ve accepted the terms and conditions before you move on to the next step.
Step 3:   Checkout

Package price:
 This area displays your package cost, if any. 

Discount codes:
 If you’ve been given a discount code, this is the area to enter it. It is case sensitive, so be sure to enter the code as given and then press the “apply discount” button when you’re done. Your package price should reflect the discount given.

 As a member of the MilitaryAvenue.com Partner Program we have a certain set of values that we agree to operate on. We strive always to provide trust, value, and service to all our MAPP partners and expect the same for our partners as they provide products and services the military community. 

Check or Google Checkout:
 For the fastest processing of your order please, use the Google Checkout option. Google Checkout accepts all major credit cards and is user friendly. If you have selected the free package all you need to do is click on the submit button. 
General hints and tips to get approved quickly:
We personally approve & disapprove each ad that comes through.  After you submit your ad it will be reviewed within 24 to 48 hours.  Here are some frequent mistakes we run across:
1.  Free listings are limited to three: If you’d like to list at more than 3 installations, you can pay $25 per each additional listing or purchase one of the available packages.
2.  We value integrity at MilitaryAvenue.com.  Please only create one listing per business (or per agent in the case of real estate) on an individual base & category page.  There is no sense in listing your business twice on the same page.
3.  Check your business category for relevance:  Usually, if we find a more appropriate category we will change it for you.  Our goal is to keep the site clean and easy to use.  Not sure which category is the right fit for you?  Our Map Down MilitaryAvenue.com might be of help.
4.  We do not mind some light 'html' in your ad.  A page break (<br>) or light use of italics (<i>) is A-OK!  However, please do not embed photos or include "<a href>" in your ad.  You can always pay for a First Class Package for one photo -or- a General’s Package for six photos.  These packages also include a link directly to your web page.
5.  Check to insure the installations you chose are within 100 miles of your place of business: Please only chose installations that potential customers can easily access.  A military family PCSing will look at their future installation for their upcoming needs. If you want to market in a region, nationwide or by category please contact our sales department for more information on available packages.


Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. How do I upgrade from my current package to a package with more benefits?
Upgrading is simple. Log-in to your account maintenance screen, then scroll down to the bottom where you see “Add a Listing”. Click on the upgraded package of choice. You might want to open up your current listing on MilitaryAvenue.com in another window so you can simply cut and paste your info into the new ad.
  1. How do I Sign-Up?
If you look above on this help page there is a great step by step walkthrough of how to sign your business up for a MilitaryAvenue.com business listing.
  1. What packages are available, and how much do they cost?
The packages are explained in detail at www.MilitaryAvenue.com/ListWithUs.aspx
  1. What is available for Free?
The Free Package is also described at www.MilitaryAvenue.com/ListWithUs.aspx.
  1. Does my area make sense to list on MilitaryAvenue.com?
If your business is located anywhere within a 30-50 mile radius of a military installation, it would be beneficial to have your business listed on MilitaryAvenue.com’s business directory. 
  1. How do I link my site to MilitaryAvenue.com and how do I link my listing back to my site?
When filling out your listing there is a specific field dedicated to your web link. Be sure to add the “www” before your web address in order to connect the link properly. 
To link your site back to MilitaryAvenue.com we have a page available where you can download a graphic to put on your site. http://www.militaryavenue.com/graphicresources.aspx
Once you have the graphic or other link placed on your site, enter www.MilitaryAvenue.com into the link assigned to the graphic.
  1. How do you market to the military?
MilitaryAvenue.com grows through word of mouth, internet marketing and networking, a high google ranking, public relations, as well as traditional marketing methods. 
  1. What types of business categories can list?
We attempt to have a category for all businesses. If you do not see your category email us at sales@militaryavenue.com and we will work to create one that matches your business profile.   You may want to check out this article: A Map Down MilitaryAvenue.com to see a list of most of our current categories.
  1. Is MilitaryAvenue.com a lead service? Do we charge referral fees?
MilitaryAvenue.com is NOT a lead service. We do not charge any type of referral fees. MilitaryAvenue.com provides a unique military niche advertising opportunity and makes no claim to any sales or customers gained as a result of the advertisement.
  1. Can we place real estate listings on our MilitaryAvenue.com listing?
We offer several paid packages which offer up to 5 images on each listing. The images can be used to show specific properties, however there is not a specified function built in for the sole purpose of listing properties.
  1. As a real estate agent are there are legal ramifications to my Military Reward offer?
As always check with your local legal counsel on this matter. 
  1. How do I edit my listing?
To edit your listing log in to your account maintenance screen by entering your user name and password at http://www.militaryavenue.com/Partner/Login.aspx. Once logged in click on the “edit” button next to the listing you would like to change. When the change is complete, finish by clicking on the “proceed to checkout” button at the bottom and resubmit your listing. Approvals of updates are usually approved in 1 business day or less.
  1. What is a Military Reward and is it required to list on MilitaryAvenue.com?
A Military Reward is an incentive or discount given by a local business and is placed on MilitaryAvenue.com’s online business directory. Each business listing is highly encouraged to offer a Military Reward. If one does not wish to offer a Military Reward they can purchase a paid package to list.
  1. What are some good ideas for a Military Reward?
Creativity and value are the keys. Put yourself in the shoes of the person buying from you and think about what would make their lives easier. Also, try to place a number value on it.  This will make the reward more tangible to those viewing it. As always, utilize the golden rule: Give that which you yourself would like to receive.
  1. What types of additional advertising options do you offer?
We have several regional and corporate options available. Visit http://www.militaryavenue.com/AdvertiseWithUs.aspx or email Dan@militaryavenue.com for more information.
  1. How do I add a picture to my listing?
Adding a picture is an easy way to make your listing stand out. All paid packages offer at least one picture. When you are building or editing your paid listing, find the “add images” module. Click on the “upload” button and find the image file that you wish to add. Once the image is uploaded remember to fill out the caption area before you submit your listing for review.
  1. How does the site navigate how do military members find my listing?
Military users navigate to their local installation by choosing their branch of service and eventually the name of their local base. This sends them to their local installation’s page on MilitaryAvenue.com which contains many features and information about their local area. On the left hand side of the main installation page is a list of all the business categories they can choose from. This is where they find your business listing and all Military Rewards offered.
  1. Are there any perks for retired military business owners?
Retired military business owners are able to check off a field in the sign-up process letting others know about their background. This is helpful because many military members would prefer to work with someone who they know has a similar background and knows their specific needs.
  1. I have my own website, how can I attract the military community to it?
Our team has put together a short article with some ideas of how to cater to the military community: http://militaryavenue.com/Content.aspx?Name=foryoursite.  Have other ideas?  Let us know.
  1. How else can I become involved with the Military Community on MilitaryAvenue.com?
You should consider submitting an article for our monthly newsletter.  It is sent out via email to our growing list of military-families towards the end of each month.  This is an option for free publicity for our MilitaryAvenue.com Partners.  For more information click here.

Missing something? Email us at sales@militaryavenue.com, and tell us if there is a field you’d like to add. We try to accommodate all of our Partner's needs.