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"Thanks for all the great work that you do and all the knowledge you share."  - Army Wife, Wahiawa/Schofield Barracks, Hawaii


"[What] you do for us is great.  Thanks for the work you put into this." - Carmen, San Bruno, California


"Your site looks very informative.  I like talking to people who know what I have been through and understand without even know it..." - Navy Wife, Wayne, West Virginia


"Awesome work! ... You're still my favorite site:)"  - Shelly, Miramar, California


"Love what you guys stand for!! Thank you for supporting our troops and their families." - Dee Dee, North Carolina


"Thanks for all your hard work and dedication and support...I love all the daily information you post,and I am sure to pass it along to all my friends....!!!  I appreciate all you do!!!" - Brandy, Camp Pendleton


"Thank you, if there wasn't people who take the incitive to start websites like your own then some of us would be more lost then not. Therefore I thank you for your services and your desire to try and make a very crazy, stressful lifestyle that much easier. Its all worth it for the love of our soldiers, the soldier I am missing right now is more then worth this craziness for me. However each chance to be informed I jump to. Those chances wouldn't be there without people like you. THANK YOU"  - Christina



"Your site is so helpful and full of information, I love it. And it's so user friendly that anyone can figure it out. Military Avenue should be passed out to every new wife right along with their new military id” - Marine Wife from MCAS Miramar


"It is an honor and priviledge to see something dedicated to helping out the armed services. Some days we see the negative news and wonder if this is really the people we fight for. It is sites as yours that remind us that the negative news is not necessarily the opinion of the majority. Keep up the good work!" - Sierra Vista, Arizona


"I actually use this site alot, very informative:)" - Marine Wife, Miramar, California




Do you have feedback, thoughts, constructive-criticism?  Please send them our way!  We want to hear from our military community:  Feedback

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