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This information is designed for military personnel and family members who are preparing for shipment of household goods.  It is based on entitlements found in Joint Federal Travel Regulation (JFTR) and the "IT'S YOUR MOVE" booklet by the American Forces Information Service, Department of Defense.  This booklet can be fourd on the Surface Deployment & Distribution Command (SDDC) web site in Quick Links.  

Generally, the Permanent Change-of-Station (PCS) and arrangement of household goods begins once the service member receives orders and a destination site has been determined. Specific arrangements for personal shipments normally begin at the local transportation office.  Each pay grade has its own weight allowance, which is the maximum weight that can be move at government expense under JFTR.  The allowance includes the weight of household goods shipped, placed in storage or sent as unaccompanied baggage.  Anything exceeding the maximum weight allowance must be paid by the service member.  All shipments must be weighed before destination delivery and can be coordinated with the local destination transportation office.

Inbound Customer Service
It is essential for personnel making personal property shipments to contact their destination Transportation Office inbound section immediately upon arrival. Providing points of contact ensures customers will be notified when their shipment arrives. The key to a direct delivery is ensuring the inbound section is provided with this information.

Where available, customers can also check the status of shipments by accessing an Interactive Voice Response (IVR). The system will tell you if your shipment has arrived and the storage expiration date. The system is also capable of confirming your delivery dates once arranged, along with whom the delivering agent will be. The IVR can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Of course the customer always has the option of talking with an inbound technician.

Contact JPPSO Colorado Springs in the contacts/links below on the status of your household goods shipment.

Service Commercial FAX DSN
Inbound 719-554-9298 719-554-7889 692-9298
Outbound 719-554-9298 719-554-9288 692-9298
Counseling 719-554-9298 719-554-9285 692-9298
Non-temporary Storage 719-554-9298 719-554-7887 692-9298
Quality Assurance 719-554-9298 719-554-7889 692-9298
Tracing 719-554-9298 719-554-7884 692-9298
Documentation 719-554-9298 719-554-9287 692-9298
Customer Service 719-554-9298 719-554-7884 692-9298

Personal Property

SUBJECT: Personal Property Information

1.  The Traffic Management Office (TMO) is located in Bldg 606.  Customer service hours are from 0730 to 1630, Monday through Friday.  It is important that you contact the TMO immediately upon arrival and provide a contact number where you can be reached when your shipment arrives.

2.  The following is your guide to ensuring a good move:

      a.  Your responsibilities:

          (1)  Do contact TMO as soon as possible after your arrival to preclude incurring  possible storage charges.

          (2) Do expect the carrier to deliver your shipment between the hours of  0800 - 1700, Monday thru Friday.  You, or a designated representative, must be at the residence during the delivery.

          (3)  Do check each carton or item off your inventory.

          (4)  Do list any damaged or missing items on the DD Form 1840, Joint  Statement of Loss or  Damage, at time of delivery (pink form).

          (5)  You have up to 70 days to inspect your property and note all loss or damage.  The completed DD1840 must be delivered to the Claims Office not later than 70 days from date of delivery.  If you have any questions concerning loss or damage, contact the Claims Office at DSN 847-6685 or commercial 720-847-6685.

          (6)  DITY move documentation is processed during normal customer service hours.  You must provide copies of the gross and empty weight tickets with appropriate weigh master signatures; DD Form 2278, DD Form 1351-2, DITY certification worksheet, four copies of PCS orders, vehicle registration or rental agreement and receipts for gas, oil and packing materials.

      b.   Carriers Responsibility:

          (1) One-time placement of each item or carton in the room you indicate.

          (2) Unpacking and unwrapping of all cartons, boxes or crates at time of delivery.

          (3) Assembly of all furniture and equipment that was disassembled at  origin.

          (4) Remove all packing material resulting from the unpacking.  You  may waive unpacking at any time during the delivery.  However, the carrier is not required to return later to unpack or remove debris.

          (5) Remove packing and blocking from appliances.  The carrier is not required to connect appliances to electric, gas or water outlets.

          (6) Jointly with you, make written record of any loss or damage on the DD1840.  The carrier s representative must leave three copies of the DD1840/1840R with you.

3.  During the delivery of your shipment, an inspector may drop by or call you to check how things are going. If you encounter a problem with the carrier, please call our office during normal duty hours at 847-6685.  After duty hours please make note of the problem and call our office the next duty day or send us a letter or e-mail.  If you feel you have not been provided the service you expected, please call the Chief of Personal Property at 847-6685.

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