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By Jennifer L. Hochlan for LIFELines


One of the most difficult aspects of being in the military is constantly moving around. Moving every two to three years makes building life-long relationships with companies especially challenging. Most local banks and small-town business are not capable of assisting customers located around the globe. The key is to find companies that are suited for the military lifestyle and build a relationship from there.

One of the most important business relationships is with your bank. The longer you bank with an institution, the more generous they are with their services. Credibility and longevity go a long way in banking.

Choosing a Bank
There are so many banks and credit unions out there that it can be overwhelming to choose. However, there are a few that cater to the military lifestyle and are able to "move" with you whether you are stateside or abroad.

If you are looking for a more traditional bank, as opposed to a credit union, there are several banks that cater to the military lifestyle and are located on base and on the Internet. 

There also companies that cater to your auto, home, health and even renter's insurance needs that can be found online.  Give these companies a thorough going over to determine what is best for you.

Choosing an ISP
Having a portable Internet service provider is a problem not faced by prior servicemembers. But even in this day and age, it serves as a challenge to the current servicemember. In a field that changes faster than you can keep up, research will be your best friend. New companies and old are constantly adding new service locations, variable costs and speeds, so keep checking.

What Else?
Some other items you may want to be familiar with are cellular phone service, pager services, and life insurance policies. A basic rule: If you are going to move it with you, it is better not to have to switch companies every time. Find out how mobile a company is before you sign a contract. Make sure there is a military clause in as many of your business dealings as possible. It will make that last-minute move less of a hassle.



MilitaryAvenue Note:  You can research each of these services on  We have local lists of banks, internet service providers, cellular phones and life insurance for installations.  Look for a military friendly office, whether new or a branch of your current service,  in your new location.

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