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Taking Care of Yourself is NOT Selfish

Source: Family Connection Newsletter, August 2010 by Fleet and Family Support Program

Spouses serve too! You provide support and stability in maintaining resiliency and mission readi-ness. While managing family separations, changing jobs and assuming the role of both parents, meeting the needs of everyone tends to take center stage. So, it only makes perfect sense that you move to the front of the line. Be an example to your children through action:

  • Get rest: Sleep is very important. You will be better prepared to deal with tomorrow if well rested. Create a bedtime ritual - meditating, reading or drinking a relaxing tea - whatever works for you.
  • Keep it moving: Incorporate some type of exercise daily. The endorphins generated have lasting benefits and are addictive.
  • Eat well: A balanced diet with loads of fruits and veggies reduce snacking. Remember to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
  • Ban negative talk: Be your own best advocate - no negative self talk. This includes those you allow into your circle.
  • Laugh out loud: Commit to doing something fun every day. Make time for yourself - read, chat with a friend, or watch a favorite cartoon.

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It is okay to hang up the superhero cape. You are the root from which everything grows. The goal is to be your best self, allowing you to care for yourself and your family. When you feel good, things get done!


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