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Often times spouses of the military are not thought much about. Not because we don't care about them; more likely our focus is on the men & women fighting over seas. Military Mommies-to-Be Need our Support - Sponsor One today


Chapel Hill, NC , May 11, 2009…Becoming a Mommy is an awesome and exciting journey for most of us. Most of us have the support and love of our partner's to share the experience with us. But there are so many Military Mommies-to-Be's who partners are serving our Country Over Seas. They are on the journey to motherhood alone and often deliver their baby alone, without their partner.

If you could just talk to one of them, you would know how sad and alone they feel during such an amazing time in their lives. Digi Time Capsule, llc has launched "Operation Support a Military Mommy-to-Be" where each military mommy-to-be can register for a Free My Pregnancy Digi Time Capsule. There is a function in this amazing pregnancy product that can help her and her overseas partner stay connected and share in the pregnancy journey. She can make as many mini-movies of her pregnancy photos and audio messages to her overseas partner and easily share them with him. He will be able to see her grow, hear her messages and share in the pregnancy more while they are so far apart.

You can Sponsor a Military Mommy-to-Be. Here's how it works. At a huge discount, 85% of the retail price ($19.99), you can purchase a My Pregnancy Digi Time Capsule for a registered Military Mommy-to-Be whose partner is serving overseas. Digi Time Capsule will ship your sponsored product to a Military Mommy-to-Be on your behalf. You can also choose to communicate and lend an ear to the Military Mommy-to-Be that you sponsor or you can choose to remain anonymous.

Giving your support and sponsoring a Military Mommy-to-Be will truly be a gift that they will always cherish.

You can view all the details at Military Mommy-to-Be at Thank you so much for your support by Sponsoring a Military Mommy-to-Be!

About Digi Time Capsule, LLC:

My Pregnancy Digi Time Capsule has won 6 awards including 4 Parent-to-Parent Wisdom Awards, Disney's IParenting Award, Orca Communications Media Award for Best Products. Creating products to help families capture the wonderful journey’s that we take in our lives. The My Pregnancy Digi Time Capsule is the first in the product family where capturing the journey to motherhood has been made eco-friendly, user friendly and fun. The My Pregnancy Digi Time Capsule is the only All-in-One Product of its kind that includes a pregnancy journal, letters for the future, month's 1-9, Old Wives Tales Quiz, family tree and 100's of questions to capture the journey. The amazing pregnancy product allows users to upload photos, videos, music and audio messages. Turn your pregnancy into a movie!

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