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 Installation Search Resources: Are you having a baby?

Whether this is your first child or another addition to your growing family, a new baby changes lives!  Here are some resources from as you prepare for the arrival of the newest "Military Brat":

Trying to Get Pregnant? Tips on Ovulation: Even under the best of circumstances, many couples take months to conceive after they've decided they want a baby. Permanent change of station (PCS) moves, military schools, and deployments often give couples only brief windows of time in which to try to get pregnant. Conceiving on the military's schedule can add unwanted stress that may make conception difficult. Knowing when you ovulate and the best time to get pregnant will increase your odds.

TRICARE Delivers for Mothers and Newborns: TRICARE offers pregnant beneficiaries several health care options for services before, during and after childbirth. All medically necessary maternity care, from the first obstetric visit through six weeks after the child is born is covered by TRICARE. These services include obstetric visits, management of high-risk or complicated pregnancies and hospitalization for labor, delivery and postpartum care. ...

TRICARE Reminds Beneficiaries of Covered Infertility Treatments: Infertility is a difficult condition for couples to cope with and TRICARE beneficiaries may be wondering what their options are if infertility becomes an issue. The answer is, with a few important exceptions, TRICARE covers infertility treatments.

Family Planning: How couples can handle side effect of relocation stress: Frequent uprooting or long-distance moves can bring stress that intrudes into a military couple’s family planning efforts. The distractions and disruptions of relocating across the country or around the globe repeatedly may trigger biological changes that interfere with starting or enlarging a family..

Are You Financially Ready for Your New Baby?: You are truly blessed to experience the gift of parenthood. It can be very rewarding and challenging as well. You have probably been warned about the 2 a.m. feedings, colic, and diaper rashes. And you've probably decorated the nursery, chosen a name, and even picked the preschool you hope to send your child to. However, have you taken the most important step of all? Have you prepared your finances for your new baby? If not, start now. ...

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Prepare for Pregnancy: What You Need to Know to Have a Healthy Baby: The miracle of life begins before most women are aware of it, and so the nutritional health of the mother-to-be the year before conception is just as important. While in your childbearing years, take time to learn what is important for good prenatal health — before you conceive. Living a healthy lifestyle before getting pregnant will increase the odds of a healthy baby. ...

Keeping Babies Healthy: TRICARE Promotes Prenatal Care: Every parent wants their baby to be healthy. For this to happen, parents need to know how to create a healthy environment even before the baby is born.  TRICARE understands, while exciting, this is a crucial moment. During the nine-months of pregnancy, important development occurs that can affect a baby for the rest of his or her life. It is no secret that unexpected difficulties and challenges can occur during pregnancy. ...

Baby Health Tips at Your Fingertips: More than 2,000 babies are born to TRICARE beneficiaries each week. Having a baby, especially for the first time, can be overwhelming. In military families it may be particularly challenging since many first-time parents may not have the guidance of their friends and families nearby. Convenient resources are available to new and expecting military parents to help them during this exciting, and sometimes daunting, time in their lives.

A Baby's First Picture can be a Powerful Tool for Doctors: The ultrasound image of a baby is more and more often the very first picture new parents have of their child. Along with giving parents a picture of the growing fetus, these popular ultrasound images are also an important tool for the obstetrician caring for mother and baby. ...

Pregnant? Text 4 Baby's Health: Pregnant women and new mothers can now receive free text messages that will help keep them and their babies in good health.  The Military Health System is proud to rank among the government partners in this new program, which works like this: By texting BABY to 511411 on a mobile phone (or BEBE for a version in Spanish), pregnant women will begin receiving three free SMS text messages each week that are timed to their due date or baby's date of birth. ...

TRICARE Moves with Moms-to-be: A pregnancy is an exciting and emotion-filled nine months for a family, whether it’s a first child or a fourth. For military families, some of the excitement can also include a little stress if there is a transfer to a new duty station thrown into the mix. But don’t stress, moms-to-be, TRICARE coverage goes with you whenever and wherever you move. ... 

The Perfect Baby Shower: There are so many reasons to share some smiles, and great conversations. Besides getting together for coffees, squadron luncheons, spouse club meetings, there are babies... and the promise of more babies! With the announcement of a new family member - be that squadron family, battalion family or fleet family, somewhere on the calendar is the excitement of a baby shower. A great baby shower at that! And if you are in charge of this gala, make it sparkle! ...

MHS Support for New Parents: Dr. Betsy Weaver, President of DoD’s “The Parent Review” explains the value of the eCareConnect program. Since September 2006, the MHS has funded eCareConnect, an e-mail-based communication service that helps DoD hospitals connect more effectively with their expectant and new families with health information customized to each patient's due date or child's age.

Postpartum Depression... I've lived it, breathed it, been held tightly in its grasp wondering when I'll be allowed to come up for air. Eight years ago was a very dark period of my life. I did suffer from depression after my first son, Baby *E*. I spoke to my OB/GYN at my 6 week check-up and was put on an antidepressant. I am thankful for the medication but in many ways I wish there was more to it then that. ...

Taking Care of Yourself!: I have noticed a stream of articles out from the Military community about how important it was for the caregiver, the military spouse, the one holding down the home-front to take care of herself! (or himself!) It's not a new story. We've all known how important it is ... but as military-spouses we know how HARD it can be to do. It is so easy to put the needs of others before our own.  I can't stress it enough! If YOU are not taking care of yourself the whole family will suffer. ...

New and Expecting Moms, Brush Up on Your Oral HealthRecent benefit changes to the TRICARE Dental Program (TDP) reflect additional preventive care recommended for pregnant women. Now the TDP includes three routine cleanings for mothers-to-be in a consecutive 12-month period. The TDP is available to family members of all active duty service members, and to National Guard and Reserve members and their families. ...

How does pregnancy affect oral health?

Get strong for your baby: TRICARE tips for expecting moms

Education is Key in Preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome

Parents have 60 days to enroll newborns in TriCare Prime

Exceptional Circumstances Require TRICARE Attention

Is the Family Size Changing? Update DEERS Records

TRICARE offers a no-stress guide to parenthood

TRICARE Encourages Expecting Parents to Get Connected

Parenting: Coping with stress

A Breastfeeding Journey:  WE did it! By "We" I mean BabyBoy *L* and me! In just a few weeks he will be six-months old and aside from a few sips of formula (promptly spit out on his part) he has been exclusively breastfed.  Can I tell you how much I have enjoyed this journey?! (Thanks, then I will.) I tried with my other two. *E* my first born was a colicky-mess... or maybe it was just me that was a mess? ...

Family Advocacy Launches Safe Sleep Campaign:  It was eight years ago, but I vividly recall the mix of joy and terror I felt after my daughter was born. An Internet information junkie, I had researched everything from swaddling to feeding to putting my baby to sleep. But, as I’m sure other Web addicts can attest, I soon discovered a host of conflicting and sometimes confusing information. Sleep was a particularly vexing topic. Should I put her to bed on her back or belly? Can I give her a pillow or blanket? Is it OK to co-sleep? My questions went on and on. ...

Military Families Get Free Access to Caregiver Network: Military families now have free access to an online network of quality caregivers who can assist with everything from babysitting to dog walking.  Sittercity is the nation’s largest online source for local babysitters, nannies, elder care providers, dog walkers, housekeepers and tutors, and contains more than a million caregiver profiles, officials said. ...

Military Child Care Programs: Finding high-quality care for their children is a high priority for any working parent. As a parent in a military family, you have the added challenge of finding child care that can accommodate shifting work schedules, extended hours, and weekend duty. Deployments and frequent PCS moves mean that you also face the challenge of making new child care arrangements more often that your civilian friends do. ...

Child-proofing Your Home

Nonchargeable leave authorized for adoptions (Air Force specific information)

Army lengthens family time with newborns, newly adopted (Army specific information)  

I'm Having a Baby; Where's My Husband? (Navy & Marine information)

The Expectant Father: Preparing for Your Baby's Arrival  (Navy & Marine Information)

Having a Baby: Military Hospitals Focus on Family-Centered Care (Navy & Marine information)

Also, be sure to check out our local resources.  Find your installation and there you will find military friendly businesses to help with your growing family.  Our partners offer military discounts and incentives for your new family.  Look for these categories, and much more, at your local installation:

Maternity Services (Health) Maternity Clothing (Shopping) Apparel-Resale (Shopping) Furniture Sales (Home & Garden) Child Care Centers & At-Home Child Care (Child Care) Toys (Shopping) Life Insurance (Insurance)


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