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"'Like' it for TIME" (LIFT) Announces "LIFT LINK LOVE," A Worldwide Military Family Support Paper-Chain

"'Like' it for TIME" (LIFT) announces a worldwide paper chain effort - LIFT LINK LOVE.

LIFT LINK LOVE ( will loop together individual links mailed in by people from around the globe until they form one very long paper chain. The completed chain will be used in a special project to be announced at a later date.

"I can't tell you, yet, what we're going to do with it," says LIFT founder and Connecticut resident Kristen Tsetsi (pronounced TET-see). "But I can tell you it will serve as a powerful symbol of recognition and awareness of the unique challenges military families have experienced over the last ten years. And counting."

LIFT invites links from everyone--military family members of service members or veterans, service members and veterans themselves, and anyone else who wants to "show the love" to military families.

"This is by no means confined to the military community," Tsetsi says. "In fact, I hope the links we receive from those with no military connection greatly surpass what we receive from people who know someone in the military. After all, 'everyone else' is 99% of the population. What a powerful message that would send."

Tsetsi says she believes the paper chain will unite military families living in states and countries around the world, bring together the military and civilian populations, and, Tsetsi says, "it will encourage a deeper exploration of the psychological and emotional impact of having a loved one go to war."

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Tsetsi created "'Like it for TIME" on December 16, 2010 in an effort to encourage TIME Magazine to consider the military family as its 2011 Person of the Year. "But on a more fundamental level," Tsetsi says, "the function of LIFT is to encourage wider recognition of the military family experience over a decade of repeated year-long deployments."

Those interested in participating in LIFT LINK LOVE are encouraged to visit the following websites for more information:
LIFT website:
LIFT on facebook:


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