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If your teen decides to go to college, it is a big step for both of you. It's important for families to discuss everything from applications to graduation.

  • Choosing a college and deciding on the type of college or university you want to attend is the first step. Together you can gather information about universities and specific programs by visiting university web sites. Consider visiting top college choices so you can see the campus and meet people who are there.

  • The application process is next. Filling out forms, writing essays, taking the SAT or ACT, letters of recommendation,...

  • Once you've been accepted, how will you pay for it? Financial aid? On or off-campus jobs? Work study programs? Also, you must decide on housing and food plans. If having a car is an issue, examine parking and fines, etc. If you don't have a car, look into bikes and other forms of transportation.

  • Discuss what classes to take and how many you need to take for each semester/quarter. What are your core requirements and what do you get to take for fun?

  • Extracurricular activities are always important. What campus organizations are out there and which ones fit with your interests and personality? Balancing classes and fun. It can be done!

How will this activity promote the parent-teen relationship?

This activity is based upon sharing knowledge from one person to another. Your teen needs guidance and information from you. This is a way for you to openly and honestly discuss matters that are important and a way for you to spend more quality time.

Each hour you set aside to talk to your teen about his/her becoming an adult is important for building an adult relationship with your teen. Keeping the lines of communication open between the two of you is the best way to help your teen stay connected.

Keep this in mind . . .

• Remind your teen that s/he does not have to decide on a major right away.

• Have him/her explore options of classes and majors to find a good fit.

• Discuss campus security issues if he/she is living on campus and discuss community issues if he/she is living off campus.

• Go to the Internet to find information on colleges, careers, and financial aid:


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