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Deployment can be a difficult time, for both the adults being deployed and the families they are leaving behind. Children face a host of special issues when one or both of their parents are deployed.

How to prepare our children and stay involved in their education during deployment...

This booklet was created to help parents and educators, two groups who care deeply about children and support children during this potentially stressful time. It includes ways that parents and educators can work together to ensure the education process stays on track during a deployment.

The deployment cycle is best thought of as three separate phases: (1) pre-deployment, (2) deployment, and (3) reunion. Each phase has unique issues and requires different strategies. The information provided in the booklet is grouped into three sections to parallel this structure. Special suggestions for parents and educators are provided to help both groups anticipate the specific needs of children in that phase of the cycle and to provide necessary support.

Please call (254) 953-1923 to order or order online through the MCEC store.

Click Here to view a copy of the deployment booklet. [pdf]

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