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Eating Healthy when eating out

From the American Heart Association:
You can eat out and eat healthy, too. Many restaurants offer delicious low-fat, low-cholesterol meals. Eating less fat (especially less saturated fat) and less cholesterol is important for your health. That's because a diet high in saturated fat raises blood cholesterol. High blood cholesterol is a major risk factor for heart attack and stroke.
A guide to choosing healthy meals away from home
  • Fried, basted, braised, au gratin, crispy, escalloped, pan-fried, sautéed, stewed or stuffed foods are high in fat. Instead, look for steamed, broiled, baked, grilled, poached or roasted foods. If you’re not sure about a certain dish, ask your server how it’s prepared.
  • Even if dishes low in saturated fat and cholesterol aren't on the menu, you may still be able to get a healthy meal, because many restaurants will prepare foods to order. If you’re not sure about a particular restaurant, phone before you go.
  • High-sodium foods include those that are pickled, in cocktail sauce, smoked, in broth or au jus, in a tomato base, or in soy or teriyaki sauce. Steer clear of these.
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