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Air Force: Base of Preference requests can now be initiated online through vMPF

by Air Force Personnel Center

8/28/2009 - RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE, Texas  -- Air Force Personnel Center officials have revamped the Voluntary Assignments Base of Preference Program to allow eligible enlisted members to initiate BOP requests online. Regular Air Force members from the rank of E-8 and below can now apply for Permanent Change of Station BOP, In-Place BOP, or both through the virtual Military Personnel Flight Web site.



Senior Master Sgt. Vaughn Gibson, Personnel Services Delivery Career Development and Readiness superintendent at AFPC said the new program will affect about 10,000 Airmen worldwide and provides a re-enlistment incentive for first-term Airmen as well as allow career Airmen to continue their Air Force careers.

According to Sergeant Gibson, the streamlined process will use the vMPF Web site to perform a preliminary check of an Airman's eligibility prior to their submission and automatically update their status in the Military Personnel Data System. Base-level military personnel sections will receive guidance and training on the new process to assist unit members with answering general questions.

The Total Force Service Center (San Antonio) will be primarily responsible to assist members with extenuating circumstances accessing vMPF, determining their eligibility requirements and making updates to their information in MilPDS.

After Airmen make their requests through vMPF, AFPC will process their applications and notify members when a decision is made on approving or disapproving their requests. Airmen should allow up to six weeks for AFPC to process their requests.

There are several factors that determine an Airman's eligibility, which are outlined in Air Force Instructions 36-2110 and 36-2626. Some of these eligibility requirements include:

1. A member must have or obtain 24 months retainability within 30 days of receiving the BOP approval notification.

2. Consecutive BOPs in any combination are not authorized. For example, a first-term Airman who receives an in-place BOP cannot then receive a career Airman PCS BOP. They must have an intervening PCS.

3. A Continental United States (CONUS) to overseas, overseas to CONUS and overseas (except for First Term Airmen (FTA)), and overseas to overseas BOPs are not authorized.

4. There are no limits on the number of BOP applications a member can submit. However, if the request is disapproved and the member remains eligible, the member may immediately resubmit an application for different location(s) or wait 6 months from the date of disapproval to submit an application for the same location(s).

5. The Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC) Enlisted Assignments Team is the approval/ disapproval authority.

6. Once a member has volunteered for a BOP, they cannot volunteer for another voluntary assignment program (i.e. EQUAL Plus) until the current BOP application has been approved or disapproved by AFPC/DPAA, or the member withdraws the BOP application.

Once submitted, Airmen should be aware that their BOP applications cannot be changed. If a member desires to change their BOP preference order or location, they must use the "withdraw/cancel voluntary assignment application" option in vMPF to request cancellation. Member may then submit a new BOP application with updated preferences.

The online BOP application process is just one of many AFPC programs that can be accessed electronically through the vMPF Web site. Airmen can also use vMPF to update their assignment preferences, correct military records, verify retirement eligibility, request retraining, and perform other personnel actions. AFPC is continuing to work to improve its processes to ensure more personnel programs are accessible online so Airmen can take care of their individual personnel actions from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For more information on the BOP program or the new online application process, please call TFSC (San Antonio) at 1-800-525-0102.


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