International Driving Permit Uzbekistan

International Driving Permit Uzbekistan

What is the difference between an International Driving Permit (IDP) and an International Driver’s License (IDL)?

An International Driving Permit is a small grey booklet marginally larger than a passport containing a translation of your original driving license in 10 languages, including English, French, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, and Spanish. It is recognized by 141 countries worldwide and is valid for one year.

In comparison, an International Driving License is not a legal document and cannot be used to drive in foreign countries or instead of an IDP.

How does an IDP work in Uzbekistan?

The International Driving Permit changes your license so you can show it to foreign officials to assist them in understanding your domestic license. Many car rental companies are anticipated to follow suit, enabling you to avoid uncomfortable situations while negotiating with the authorities. If you are now driving in Uzbekistan, you’d better have a driving in Uzbekistan map and your Uzbek driving license with you.

United Nations Agreements on Road Traffic

Three international motor traffic treaties were held in 1926 in Paris, 1949 in Geneva, and 1968 in Geneva (Vienna). Each convention has agreements with numerous nations to recognize IDPs as legal documents.

Benefits of Carrying an IDP in Uzbekistan

Naturally, no one will know if you’re driving in a nation where it is illegal to do so without an IDP until you have to deal with the local authorities while on the road. Many people have driven abroad without ever being pulled over by the police. This can tempt you to take a chance and forgo obtaining an international travel authorization before your trip. Before you act, stop and think.

There are several benefits to getting an International Driving Permit if you intend to drive in a foreign country. Here are a few advantages:

  • Lowers or removes the possibility of receiving a fine. To lawfully operate a vehicle in many nations, every non-resident driver must have an international driving license. If you are stopped by law enforcement and don’t have one, you risk receiving a hefty fine.
  • Major rental car companies want it. Are you going to rent a car while you’re on vacation? If so, be aware that the majority of significant rental car businesses demand that customers present a current foreign driving permit. This is true even in nations where obtaining this document is not legally needed for foreign drivers.

Car Rental in Uzbekistan

Due to its scenic beauty, Uzbekistan is a fantastic place to drive independently. The world’s architectural marvels and desert features can be explored by renting a car in Uzbekistan. For that, you will need an IDP. Using the simple and quick online booking process, you can reserve your car in advance and tailor a car hire in Uzbekistan to meet your specific travel requirements. You may discover your ideal rental automobile at an affordable price with a fleet of brand-new models from leading brands.

Currently, renting an automobile in Uzbekistan is legal and feasible, and they are working with an approachable and capable Ravshan. Both vehicles are located in Tashkent and are accessible for hire in Uzbekistan; therefore, you can pick them up in Tashkent and drop them off in Bukhara for an additional fee. You can reserve your vehicle in advance through a simple and quick online booking process, and you can tailor a car rental in Uzbekistan to meet your specific travel requirements.

To avoid having to push your automobile back to your starting place, you will typically arrange for a drop-off. You have a few additional options if you want to borrow a motorcycle. During the peak season, reservations for well-known rental cars are made a week or more in advance because demand exceeds supply.

Documents Required

At the time of the rental, the renter and all authorized drivers must apply for a brand-new, original license that has not yet expired. The driver’s license needs to be valid and up-to-date for the duration of the rental period. Temporary permits are only accepted if they are filed alongside a driver’s license that has already been suspended or revoked. Driver’s licenses with driving restrictions, learner’s permits, multimedia certificates, and photocopies would not be accepted.

At the time of renting, both drivers with non-US driver’s licenses must present a current passport. You are responsible for upholding both license requirements and traffic laws and regulations. An authorized license translation must be issued alongside the original license for those possessing driver’s licenses from nations not covered by the universal driver’s license agreement. All you need is your Uzbekistan driver’s license if you are a local.

Types of Vehicles

If you intend to visit the big cities, rent a small Chevrolet or Daewoo sedan to experience Uzbek culture. For difficult roads in deserts and mountains, a 44 is advised. Taxis and rental automobiles are available in all of Uzbekistan’s major cities and towns, and they are the most effective means of transportation at night and for general transportation. Although authorized taxis are advised, illegal taxis are more frequently encountered by visitors.

You can still haggle over a price before you enter at any time. You can bring your own automobile, but tourists are urged to check any driving limitations first. For example, in Termez and the Surkhandarya zone, you’ll require a special permit from the Tashkent Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Even so, testing it out beforehand is advised. Driving in Uzbekistan often requires a foreign international driving permit and current insurance from your home country. Driving is a good choice.

Age Requirements

In order to present your passport and driver’s license, you must be at least 25 years old. The daily maximum distance is 150 km, after which there is a $0.12 per kilometer premium. Depending on the vehicle purchased, some restrictions regarding the minimum age and availability of a driver’s license may be identified during the booking process.

In most locations, an international driving license must be valid, and the owner must be at least 21 years old. For several specialists and heavier cars, the legal minimum age is 25, and drivers under 25 would be subject to the underage driver charge. You are not allowed to drive in Uzbekistan if you are a local, don’t satisfy the age limit, and don’t have an international driving license.

Why is renting a car in Uzbekistan a good idea?

You can be sure to have the most colorful Uzbekistan Tours if you decide to drive in Uzbekistan on a private car-taking road trip. The nicest aspect of your Uzbekistan car rental is that you can determine where you go and when. This is fantastic for independent or single travelers who prefer to move at their own pace and wish to travel alone. You can rent a private vehicle for a fair fee of $25 per day.

Driving and Safety in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan was formerly a stop on the legendary Silk Road, an ancient trading route connecting Asia and Europe, and is today a major tourist destination. Although the journey along this route is no longer as tricky as it once was, there are still a few important things to remember before going out.

Although the Silk Road appears quick and straightforward, managing transportation in Uzbekistan can be a little challenging. To avoid mishaps or unforeseen issues with the authorities, you must know the driving rules before attempting to drive in a foreign nation.

Important Regulations

If you must travel to Uzbekistan, consider the following pertinent considerations as you study the federal, tribal, and local requirements. A violation of these laws would have serious repercussions, and taxes, penalties, and even worse outcomes like injuries and death are possible consequences. The pertinent rules that you must abide by are listed below.


Any amount of alcohol can impact your ability to drive in your bloodstream. The effects of substance abuse can range greatly, putting you at risk of a collision or causing damage to the road. The ability to concentrate, make wise decisions, and react quickly to situations are necessary for healthy driving. Alcohol, however, hinders these abilities, putting you and others in danger.

With a sizable force of road traffic police, Uzbekistan has a zero-tolerance policy on drunk driving. Because the police are unlikely to speak English, you will need to pay a fine to continue driving if you stop; hence it is advised to acquire a foreign driving permit. Intoxicated drivers are prohibited from the road for 1, 5, or 3 years. They have punished 25 times the minimum pay, according to Article 131 of the Law on Administrative Crimes of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Turning Signal At an Intersection

In Uzbekistan, you must signal before moving onto another lane, a parking lot, a different road, or reversing out of a parking spot. Other vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians would be alerted to your intentions thanks to your signal. You must correctly signal your turn.

You’ll understand how unpleasant and dangerous this can be if you’ve encountered another driver who fails to signal a turn or whose brake lights don’t work. Drivers with experience can automatically flash their turn signal before making a turn.


Uzbekistan is undoubtedly a safe country for a road trip, but you should be aware that there are some locations where parking or driving are prohibited. When parking your car, you should always check to ensure it is legal and secure. Look for various marked parking spaces, including loading zones, no-standing zones, no-parking areas, and clearway zones; some may have time restrictions or may only be present during specific times of the day.

At unregulated road crossings, cars are supposed to yield to pedestrians. Avoid parking in any of the many prohibited areas, including pedestrian lanes, crosswalks, intersections, above crests of slopes, train crossings or post offices, by bus stops, and spots too close to other vehicles so as not to obstruct the safe flow of traffic or the emergency lane on the highway.

For each of these instances, as well as others, there are maximum parking distances. If you enter them incorrectly, the car may be towed away, or you’ll have to pay a high fee. In residential zones, running engines cannot be parked.

Check your vehicle before driving

Make sure your car is in good form before driving in Uzbekistan, especially if it’s a long travel. Ascertain the condition of the tires, windows, and mirrors. Traveling to Uzbekistan with your valid visa, insurance documents, local driver’s license, and international driving permits is advisable. Make sure you have adequate fuel since problems with fuel may also occur.

You risk receiving a fine for driving while unlicensed if you don’t request a new driver’s license. Until you get to the drive, get adequate sleep, and stop feeling worn out. Since you will need to cross borders to travel outside of Uzbekistan, be sure you have all the relevant visas and travel authorizations.

Speed Limits

It’s harder to break the faster the car is moving; speeding can be dangerous and expensive. Please be cautious as the number of speed restriction signs rises and keep an eye out for them. Recognize the law: It is illegal to drive carelessly, which is defined as not caring at all about the well-being of other persons or property.

In towns and villages, you can drive 50 km/h; on intercity highways, 100 km/h. There are no traffic signals, and speed testing is routine. Speed traps are common, especially in the Fergana Valley as you go further from cities, the speed of the roads increases. City limits are marked by a white sign with a place name and, after leaving, a white sign with a red diagonal line. Even if there isn’t any indication of a house close by, make sure you’re moving at 50 km/h as you hit the post.

Seatbelts Law

As you get into your car, wearing a seat belt should come naturally to you and be just one of your regular driving activities. However, there are still those people who do not recognize the benefits of wearing seat belts. Instead, they increased their danger because the car’s safety features wouldn’t shield them in the event of a collision.

All passengers from the front passenger and back seats must wear seatbelts, including the driver. Make sure your kids are in the child safety seats legally required for children under 12, pregnant women, injured passengers, and passengers in taxis sit in the back seats.

Driving Directions

Uzbekistan is landlocked, but you can travel across it quickly if you know how to navigate its borders and local transportation. Uzbekistan was formerly a stop on the legendary Silk Road, an ancient trading route connecting Asia and Europe. Today, it is a well-liked travel destination.

Although the journey down this route is no longer as wild and exciting as it once was, there are still a few important things to remember as you set out. You can utilize a routing program that provides a free, up-to-date route planning service when traveling across Uzbekistan, Tashkent, or other cities.

Traffic Road Signs

Using traffic signs to alert and direct drivers aid in regulating traffic flow among vehicles, bicyclists, cyclists, and other road users.

Road signs in Uzbekistan are identical to the Russian road sign system, which ensures that vehicles travel safely and orderly and reminds drivers of the traffic symbols already embedded into the road signs. The Vienna Convention and the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic govern these emblems, and modern road signs are incorporated into the Road Traffic Regulations by decision of the authorities.

Legal Driving Age

The legal age to drive in Uzbekistan is 18, the same like in the rest of the region. Drive on the right side of the lane; the legal drinking age is 21. The legal drinking age is 21. Age 21 is required to rent an automobile.

It is also clear that allowing a minor to operate a vehicle without a driver’s license constitutes child abuse and is illegal.

Although examinations show that 16 and 17-year-olds are far more likely to crash than 18-year-olds, we know that the human brain does not fully develop until 25. Therefore, it would be prudent to delay teen driving until they are older. Because of this, 16 is the ideal age for teenagers to begin driving lessons.

Driving Side

Uzbekistan drives to the right, and most of its cities are renowned for being particularly safe for visitors. Right-hand driving is when a driver uses the left side of the lane while operating a right-hand drive car. Right-hand driving is practiced in a large number of former British possessions. And there’s a rationale behind that. Right-handed sworders would prefer to stay on the left side of the lane during English feudalism when knights or sword fighters were still the norms.

Police Stops

As a major travel destination along the famous Silk Trail, Uzbekistan was already a part of the historic commerce route connecting Asia with Europe. Multiple border regions are frequently not clearly defined; thus, you can cross at specified border crossing places. Due to the fact that you will need to cross borders to travel outside of Uzbekistan, be sure you have all the relevant visas and travel authorizations.

You will require permission from the Tashkent Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which will take approximately five days to process, to go to Termez and other areas of the Surkhandarya region. Beginning on January 1, 2021, Uzbekistan’s East Fergana Area will employ drones to spot traffic infractions in this densely populated Central Asian nation for the first time.

Apps will continuously scan the city’s roadways for traffic violations. The police have the right to search you without a warrant and demand to inspect your documents, even if they are unlikely to do so. In these uncommon circumstances, a photocopy will likely be acceptable; however, they’re also possibly asking to see the original to get you a visa. The International Driver’s Permits are advised because the police cannot speak English.

How safe is self-driving in Uzbekistan?

Fortunately, driving is the most enjoyable activity in Uzbekistan. In Uzbekistan, many tourists opt for self-driving tours, renting private cars, and going to different parts of the country. Travel on private automobiles started to happen with the growth of the automotive industry in the early XXth century. But after World War II, when automakers aggressively developed new models of personal transportation and the government began to create lengthy roads, this kind of tourism began to gain appeal.

In Uzbekistan, self-driving vacations are the most captivating. Self-driving in Uzbekistan is an excellent option for a holiday or even a quick weekend getaway because it will give you a sense of freedom and many long-lasting memories.

Top 2 Places to visit in Uzbekistan


The area is officially referred to as “Samarkand – Crossroads of Civilizations” to be recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Samarkand sounds wonderful and evokes images of bygone eras. This is hardly a fairy tale, though, as Samarkand is a thriving city that values its traditions today.

The main draw in Samarkand is Registan Square, the most recognizable sight in Uzbekistan. Registan was the administrative center of the Timurid kingdom and was accessible from all important highways in Samarkand. If you intend to drive to Samarkand, know that you’ll need to meet the International Driving License Uzbekistan standards. You should also note the International Driver License Uzbekistan zip code, international contact information, and international email address.


For many years, Islamic religion and science have significantly benefited from the ancient center of Bukhara, and UNESCO has designated its well-preserved city core as an exceptional medieval area. While visiting Bukhara, we advise taking a stroll through the ancient town to appreciate its rich architectural history and imagine bargaining as people could have in the middle ages.


Can I use my local driver’s license in Uzbekistan?

For the duration of your trip, driving in Uzbekistan is legal with a current UK license. You must convert a copy of your driver’s license into either Russian or Uzbekistan. However, it is not necessary by law to facilitate communication with local government officials and traffic police. Obtaining a local driver’s license or equivalent is advised if you reside in Uzbekistan.

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