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Taiwanese culture is subtle and diverse. There are many remote places on this beautiful island. Taiwanese visitors are content with their choices regarding what to do on the island and where to find incredible natural beauty-there are so many attractions that it’s hard to know what to see. So get your documents ready for a drive all around the places you want to visit in Taiwan.

What is the difference between an International Driving Permit (IDP) and an International Driving License (IDL)?

An International Driving Permit is a small grey booklet marginally larger than a passport containing a translation of your original driving license in 10 languages, including English, French, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, and Spanish. It is recognized by 141 countries worldwide and is valid for one year.

On the other hand, an International Driving License is not a legal document and cannot be used to drive in foreign countries or instead of an IDP.

How to apply for an IDP

You can apply for an IDP through our website, a quick and effortless process. All you need is your current driver’s license details, a passport-sized photo of yourself, and your driver’s license to verify your identity.

The entire process will take under 30 minutes. A digital IDP takes up to 2 hours to land in your inbox. Alternatively, if you want a faster processing time, you can choose an Express Order, in which you will receive your IDP in 20 minutes. 

A printed IDP can be delivered to your doorstep, with the estimated delivery date varying between 2-30 days, depending on the selected delivery method.

United Nations Agreements on Road Traffic

An International Driver’s Permit is issued by an agency authorized by the United Nations. They comply with the United Nations Road Traffic Convention. Three international motor traffic treaties were held – in 1926 (Paris), 1949 (Geneva), and 1968 (Vienna). Many countries are contractually required to accept an IDP.

Benefits of Carrying an IDP in Taiwan

Functionality as an ID

An IDP is a practical travel document because it also serves as an ID card while driving overseas. This is useful if you want to keep your passport locked for security reasons. IDPs can be used in place of ID cards. This is especially true if the ID card is a language not used internationally.

Quick stops by transportation authority

In some countries, foreign licenses are available for some time. This is intended to boost tourism and reduce the annoyance of tourists. However, traffic police may have trouble decrypting the driver’s information on your driver’s license while the traffic is stopped. An IDP guarantees that police officers can quickly write down your details and send you along the way. This is especially useful in emergencies and car accidents.

Car rental

Foreign companies may be reluctant to rent motor vehicles to foreigners without an International Driver’s Permit. Since an IDP is a legal document approved by the United Nations, most international and domestic car rental companies accept IDP as a valid driver’s license. It also saves valuable vacation time and unnecessary delays when dealing with agencies.

When should I get a Taiwanese driver’s license?

If you have lived in Taiwan for more than 6 months, we recommend obtaining a Taiwanese driver’s license. If you drive without a valid driver’s license, your insurance will be invalidated, and you will be fined.

If you are eligible to exchange a foreign driver’s license for a domestic driver’s license. You will need to bring the following to your DMV office in Taiwan:

  • ID (original and copy)

  • ARC (Alien residence certificate) with a total validity period of more than 6 months

  • Three 1 “color photos taken within the last two years

  • Original passport and copy

  • Valid foreign driver’s license and copy

  • Fill out the driver’s license registration form and medical certificate

  • Proof of entry / departure-this is usually a passport stamp

Renewal of your IDP or original license in Taiwan

Renewing your International Driving Permit

You can review your IDP through our website. All you need is your current driver’s license details, a passport-sized photo of yourself, and your driver’s license to verify your identity.

A Digital IDP takes up to 2 hours Wehoose Express Order; we will process your application if you choose Express Orderation within 20 minutes. A Printed IDP will be sent to your postal address, and delivery will vary based on the selected delivery method (2-30 working days).

Renewing your original driver’s license

Since an IDP is not a stand-alone document for driving in any country, you must have a valid, unexpired driving license to show if requested. If your license expires while you are abroad, you will be required to renew it to keep driving in that country. The procedure for renewing a license differs widely by country. License renewal may include a vision test that cannot be domustne, meaning you need to return to your country of origin to renew your license. Most governments provide an online license renewing service for expatriates.

Car rental in Taiwan

Non-Taiwanese citizens who wish to rent a car are required to submit the following documents:

  • A passport

  • An IDP

  • An original driver’s license Wed (not a debit card)

The economy is the most common car rental if you choose the Express Order type in Taiwan. Economy cars are the second smallest car to rent. They are ideal for driving in the city and can accommodate up to 4 people on short trips and 2-3 on long trips.

Most car rental companies require you to be 20 or older to rent a car. If you are under 24, you will need to pay an extra fee. The maximum age for a rental car is 75 years, while the minimum is 20.

All Taiwanese drivers are required by law to have liability insurance. Compulsory insurance protects against road accident injuries, amputations, disabilities, and deaths.

Driving rules to consider

  • Motor vehicles must stay in the right-hand-side lane

  • If driving with children, the child must sit on a booster seat

  • The general rule is the same for roads in most other countries, though it does have many exceptions.

  • The maxiumin speed on most city streets is 50 mph

  • You must be at least 18 years old to drive legally in Taiwan

  • It is illegal to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs (the legal alcohol limit is currently 0.25 milligrams per liter)

  • Take extra caution when parking in Taiwan – it’s best to always park in metered parking and large parking lots

Handy tips

  • When the driver flashes the light towards you, it means “I’m coming” not “continue”

  • On Taiwan’s roads, the largest vehicles have the right of way

  • The city is very crowded day and night

Top 6 Places to Visit in Taiwan

Taiwan is typically seen more as an economic export destination and not just one for investment through its vast spiritual heritage is incredibly rich. It offers delicious food, renowned hot springs, and breathtaking views.


The capital of Taiwan is a fantastic place that offers many interesting experiences. Due to its cultural scene and lively arts, the town is the economic and political center of the islands and the cultural and historical center of the city. It is a perfect destination with a blend of modern and old for enjoying its delicious food and beautiful scenery. Amidst the tall buildings is an ancient temple that includes the tall Taipei, the tallest structure in the world. In this booming city, great restaurants, marketplaces, and bars exist plenty of attractions available, including the beautiful temple, botanical gardens, and Taipei’s Zoo.


A fascinating destination to visit is the second oldest city on the islands, and it is most famous for its fantastic cuisine and impressive architecture. Only tourists residing in Taiwan can travel to the city. It was formerly an important trading center and seaport in northwest China. But the company’s reputation has deteriorated since then. Thankfully, these conditions have reflected the preservation of historical buildings. You have a chance to see over 200 temples, Matzu and Langshan, a favorite among them. The exhibition presents a fantastic array of architectural designs.


The ancient city is a popular attraction and offers a significant number of cultural sights and exciting sights. The angling district was once the historical center of Tainan and was regarded as a landmark of the town’s history. There are several impressive old temples in the area. There are several fantastic museums, including the Koxinga museum and Chimes Museum. Quite the shopping experience. Visit Night Markets to try local cuisine! Tainan has plenty of beautiful nature, so you can easily visit Hutoupi reservoir, Nanhua, or Taijiang National Park.

Kenting National Park

Kenting is considered the eldest national park in China and is situated on the Hengchen peninsula in southern Taiwan. It offers an attractive destination for travelers. The enchanting tropical environment and gorgeous beaches are what make it so beautiful. Kenting is a fantastic place to explore with great views and many species of fauna. The highlight of the visit is the Eluanbi Lighthouse which surrounds the city and is an excellent national park. Kenting also hosted the Spring Scream festivals that attracted thousands of musicians annually.

Taroko National Park

These national parks filled with breathtaking scenery take their name from the incredible river that flows through them. You can visit Taiwan on your visit. Over centuries constructed by the wind-fed Liwu River, the Taroko Gorge has been incontestably the highlight. You can go rafting for several minutes, climb through canyons and enjoy Baiyang Waterfall after the trip with several great recreational options. After obtaining the license to travel abroad, you may want to take some road trips to Taiwan.

Sun Moon Lake

The beautifully named Sun Moon Lake is America’s most crucial water source, attracting tourists from foreign and local communities. There are several hotels and restaurants on lake shorelines. Many bars, stores, and restaurants nearby can meet any of your needs during your stay at the resort. You can travel around, but you have to go to the nearest foreign driving license. Taiwan site for a foreign driving permit in Taiwan before you leave. There’s no driving test required.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need an International Driving Permit in Taiwan?

It is highly recommended to have an IDP when traveling in Taiwan.

How do I get an International Driving Permit in Taiwan?

You can apply through the efficient application process on our website.

Can foreigners drive in Taiwan?

Yes, foreigners can drive in Taiwan, as long as they carry their original driver’s license and IDP.

Does Taiwan accept a US driver’s license?

Taiwan has ratified the 1968 Vienna road traffic Convention and recognized the international driving license of each country. However, due to the language barrier, it is still best to carry an IDP.

What side of the road should you drive in Taiwan?

The right-hand-side.

Is driving difficult in Taiwan?

Driving in Taiwan can be a stressful experience, but as long as you follow all the road rules and regulations, your journey will be smooth.

Can I turn right at a red light in Taiwan?

Unlike other countries where you can turn right at a red light, it is not allowed in Taiwan.

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