International Driving Permit North Macedonia

International Driving Permit North Macedonia

Despite its easy access and all the conveniences of the Western world, the Republic of Macedonia is Europe’s premier hidden treasure. The county is part of the Balkan Peninsula and the Mediterranean Sea and is strongly influenced by the cultures of Rome, Greece, Albania, and the Ottoman Empire. A stunning natural paradise with spectacular historical and archaeological sites in a quaint village that looks like it hasn’t changed for centuries.

What’s impressive is that, in addition to all of them, you will soon have access to a thoroughly modern city and luxury. So get ready for your trip here and research if you plan to rent and drive a car.

What is the difference between an International Driving Permit (IDP) and an International Driver’s License (IDL)?

An International Driving Permit is a small grey booklet marginally larger than a passport containing a translation of your original driving license in 10 languages, including English, French, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, and Spanish. It is recognized by 141 countries worldwide and is valid for one year.

In comparison, an International Driving License is not a legal document and cannot be used to drive in foreign countries or instead of an IDP.

United Nations agreement on traffic rules

The Convention was prepared and opened for signature by the United Nations Road Traffic Conference held in Vienna from October 7th to November 8th, 1968. The Secretary-General of the United Nations adopted it on July 27th, 1966, and May 26th, 1967, respectively, per UN Economic and Social Council Resolutions 1129 (XLI) and 1203 (XLII) 5. The conference also prepared and opened the Convention on Road Signs and Signals (see Chapter XI.B-20) and adopted the final law.

How can I obtain an international driving permit in Macedonia?

It’s easy to obtain an international driver’s license through our website. You can fill out the online application; all you need is your valid current driver’s license, passport-sized photographs, and Identification information. The entire application process would take around 20 minutes.

Benefits of carrying an IDP

The IDP is a convenient passport because it acts as an identity card. This is useful if you want your passport blocked for security reasons, and IDP can be used instead of an ID card. This is especially true if the identity card is a language not used internationally.

In some countries, foreign permits are available for a specific period. The aim is to promote tourism and reduce inconvenience for tourists. However, it can be difficult for the traffic police to decipher the driver information on your driver’s license when the vehicle is stopped, as this is only a translation document. This is especially useful in emergencies and traffic accidents.

Foreign companies may not want to rent cars to foreigners without an international driving license. The International Driving Permit is a United Nations-approved legal document accepted by most domestic and international car rental companies as a valid driving license.

Driving in North Macedonia

Get an International Driving Permit for North Macedonia to make your trip smooth and hassle-free. The IDP is a translation of your native driver’s license, allowing you to drive in the country legally. This essential document is helpful in police inspections, checkpoints, and emergencies.

If your native driver’s license is not from the UK or EU, you must have an international driving license to drive locally in North Macedonia. The International Driving Permit for North Macedonia is considered a translation of your native driver’s license but is not a substitute.

You can opt to exchange your foreign driving license if you are planning for a longer-term stay. Gather all the documents you need to submit to redeem your foreign driver’s license. You can contact the service counters of the transport department in your area. Directly submit the completed driver’s license application form and all other required documents. The documents necessary to obtain a foreign license are:

  • Filled application form
  • A valid and current identity card for verification
  • Your native driver’s license, which must be valid
  • Macedonian translation of your license, notarized
  • Proof of residence for at least six months where native driver’s license was issued
  • A physical and mental medical certificate of the driver issued by a valid medic board

Car rental in North Macedonia

North Macedonia has many architectural destinations and natural places to enjoy the culture and landscape. The best way to explore the wonders of North Macedonia is to rent your car and get off.

You need to meet specific requirements to rent a car in North Macedonia or any other foreign country. The designated traveler’s minimum driving age is 21 or older, has a local driver’s license valid for at least two years, and has car insurance. Most car insurance companies require travelers to have an International Driving Permit in North Macedonia. If you plan a trip to another country, please negotiate with the company as most drivers do not allow drivers to take their car out of the country.

When renting a car, travelers never run out of choices. According to your adventure, north Macedonian rental companies have the vehicle you are looking for. If your destination is a city building or museum, rent a compact car. A compact car is the best size for city driving; easy to operate and fuel efficient. Rent an SUV when nature is your route—a perfect off-road vehicle with a large storage compartment.

It is essential to budget your rental car and know the costs involved. Car rental companies generally offer child seats, GPS, and emergency kits. You can get car insurance from some car rental companies, but you must purchase it before renting a car. Travelers are responsible for buying gasoline and tolls. Young drivers will also be charged an additional driver fee. Daily rates range from $ 6 to $ 25.

Many car companies require you to rent a car at least 21 years old, and young drivers must pay extra, and some restrictions apply to drivers over 75. Tourists who want to rent a vehicle must meet the following driving requirements in North Macedonia: B. Valid driver’s and international driver’s licenses. Travelers should always carry their passports as identification.

Before driving in North Macedonia, car insurance is a legal requirement, so travelers need to check the car insurance price and budget. You can check the website to get the right kind of coverage online. The cost of car insurance in North Macedonia depends on your insurance. According to RentalCover, the comprehensive insurance typically included in the booking costs around € 4,125 by car. Exemption from Super Collision Damage in the event of a more severe accident costs approximately € 24.75.

Driving rules in North Macedonia

Driving around North Macedonia is an enriching experience. If you are going to be traveling abroad, you need to know some driving rules. Driving laws are designed for a purpose other than safety and to prevent criminal prosecution. Please observe these rules when traveling to the Balkan region!

Bring important documents with you.

Tourists who travel to Northern Macedonia with rental cars should keep all of their travel documents on hand. The essential documents should include your driver’s license, IDP, and automobile insurance. The police stop happens very randomly; therefore, be prepared. Macedonia is bordered by Bulgaria, Serbia, Kosovo, Greece, and Albania. Having an IDP makes traveling to other destinations easier on your short travels. To drive in North Macedonia, you must be at least 18 years of age.

Don’t drink and drive.

North Macedonia’s drunk driving legislation is intolerant towards drunk drivers. The limit is 0.3, and that’s comparatively small; even consuming one drink, you can quickly get over the limit. If you’ve gone over the lawful numbers, the International Driving Permit in North Macedonia is helpful as an ID card, but you must obey the law.

Follow speed limits

Those driving through northern Macedonia must follow speed limits to keep their vehicle safe or to avoid a severe accident. The speed limit is the following in north Macedonia:

  • Urban areas – 60 kph
  • Other roads – 80 kph speed limit
  • highways – 130 kph

Seat belts

Wearing seat belts is a standard road safety rule everywhere. Seat belts are essential when driving in North Macedonia. Children under 12 cannot sit in front, and authorities will fine violators € 20.

Avoid using the phone while driving.

Stay safe and focus on the road. Use your mobile phone while driving to avoid distractions that can lead to accidents. Drivers arrested using their mobile phones while driving will be arrested and fined € 45.

Traffic signs

Road signs in North Macedonia comply with the Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Traffic Lights. Most traffic signs in North Macedonia are used around the world. B. Stop signs and traffic lights. For example, a traffic sign pointing to Alexander Great Airport is written in Cyrillic with an illustration of an airplane pointing to the airport. North Macedonia is compliant with a three-color traffic light system.

Age requirements

The legal driving age in North Macedonia is 16 years under parental supervision and 18 years independently. Drivers over 18 may have a driver’s license and are eligible to drive. The minimum rental age is between 21 and 25 years, depending on the vehicle. As with luxury cars, the minimum rental period for a car is usually 25. For young tourists who want to drive in other countries, the minimum age is 18 years old, so use an IDP.


In North Macedonia, overtaking takes place on the left. Be careful when first checking both lanes and overtaking. First, check the mirror and turn on the signal. Remember never to accelerate when overtaking. Overtake only when necessary. There are no signs of overtaking, and it is clear.

Driving side

The driver side of North Macedonia is on the right side. In other words, it is on the left side. Like most countries in the world, the handle of North Macedonia is on the left. This can make driving more complicated for tourists accustomed to right-hand traffic. Counterclockwise is the correct approach to a roundabout because it is a right-hand drive.

North Macedonian speed limits

Speeds are different in Northern Macedonia and lower for young drivers. Always look for maximum speed. The limits in urban areas generally are 50 km/h without signs and 80 km/h – 110 km/h outside this area. On highways, the speed limits will be 130km/h. You should remove the option of detecting fixed-speed cameras when using GPX navigation software.


Dial 112. Operators will respond to the phone call in English or French.

Driving in North Macedonia in the Winter

The winters in North Macedonia are tolerated. Winters are from November until late February or early February. Make sure the lighting is on constantly. Install snow tires on wheels. Get the safety kit in case.

Top 5 Places to Visit in North Macedonia

The Old Bazaar

Shopping has become a cultural adventure in North Macedonia. Wares and handicraft items sold by Romans and Ottomans are examples of various cultures within the country. A souvenir shopping trip to the Old Bazaar is not the only option. Tourists can visit the café and restaurant to enjoy traditional Macedonian dishes. The Old Bazaar is an eye-catching attraction with cobblestone gardens and old buildings. This walk is an adventure back in time. You can visit the tearoom at the Old Bazaar, which serves drinks in metal containers for authentic hospitality. This Byzantine bazaar is Macedonia’s most famous and historic shopping center.


Skopje is the capital of northern Macedonia, and the most significant proportion of the population lives there. Upon arrival in Skopje, one can take historical walks through Skopje Fort, which houses archaeological discoveries of ancient Macedonia and served as Ottoman barracks. Visit a scenic stroll along the bridge connecting Plostad Makedonija’s Old Bazaar, where many merchants come from worldwide. The photos show the varied character of Skopje. Visit the Museum of Illusions with mind-blowing optical illusions and the National Archeological Museum with the most important relics of North-Mc Macedonian history.

Mavrovo National Park

Another popular outdoor destination in Macedonia for nature enthusiasts is Mavrovo Nationalpark. Mavrovo National Park is Macedonia’s largest park! It includes snow-capped mountains, expansive pastures, and skiing trails. For those who love watersports, Lake Mavrovo can provide you with them! For those seeking to get away from city life, the tranquility of Mavrovo Nationalpark is offered. On the same site are churches St. Nicholas untouched from flooding – whose beauty has reemerged in the hearts of many tourists. Mavrovo National Parks provides a variety of outdoor activities.


Vodno has the ideal location for outdoor activities. Go hiking on a mountain in Vodnez and drink coffee for the victory on the highest peak. Take spectacular photos at a stunning location along the Millennium Bridge. Enjoy an enjoyable picnic in lush greens and fresh air. Get on your cablecar to view the beautiful nature of Vodno from the highest points of the planet. There are biking and hike trail options for those who like to explore. Vodno is the perfect Macedonia getaway if the desire is for an unspoiled natural experience, far from the hectic lifestyle.

Matka Canyon

Matka Canyon can be viewed as another excellent destination for adventure seekers. Matka Canyon has ten caves suitable for a hike, and the Canyon Rock Climb is an active activity in Matka Canyon. Architectural ruin and the historic cathedral allow you to experience Macedonian history. Dine and rest within the beautiful hotel or restaurant Matka Canyon which offers an exclusive dining experience overlooking the landscape. The best times to visit Matka Canyon are spring and autumn, when the weather allows for all outdoor activities.


Does Macedonia require an IDP?

Driver licenses in North Macedonia. A license issued by the IDP requires an international driver’s license, and it is not just an IDP translation; you have to take your original driver’s license with you.

How do I get a driver’s license in Macedonia?

The driving license may be obtained after finishing the driver’s education program with two-stage tests, including theoretical and on-the-road driving.

Can I drive to North Macedonia?

Driving on the roads is possible with the help of a UK license and an International Driving Permit.

How do I apply for an IDP for Macedonia?

Applications must be submitted online through our website. All you need for this application is your current driver’s license details, photographs, and identity.

Why do people carry IDPs while driving in North Macedonia?

Your IDP consists of your name, photo, and information on your car and can be read anywhere in the world. The most widely spoken languages are easily accessible for many people in the country of your trip. It will translate your identification information and communicate your identity even if you don’t. North Macedonia strongly encourages the use of international driving permits.

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