International Driving Permit Kuwait

International Driving Permit Kuwait

Kuwait’s attractions are becoming increasingly attractive to travelers worldwide, including fashionable shopping malls, chic beaches, Islamic museums, and monuments. You can’t get bored if you stay for a whole month. Kuwait attractions are amazed by the variety, even experienced tourists, most of them not far from each other. Due to the warm climate, you can see them almost all year round. Renting a car is the most preferred mode of transport to get around Kuwait. For that, however, there are some things that you should be aware of before renting a car in Kuwait.

What is the difference between an International Driving Permit (IDP) and an International Driver’s License (IDL)?

An International Driving Permit is a small grey booklet marginally larger than a passport containing a translation of your original driving license in 10 languages, including English, French, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, and Spanish. It is recognized by 141 countries worldwide and is valid for one year.

In comparison, an International Driving License is not a legal document and cannot be used to drive in foreign countries or instead of an IDP.

Benefits of carrying an IDP

Car rental in many countries requires a valid International Driving Permit (IDP), which is helpful for travelers who need government-issued photo identification.

The personally issued IDP will provide details of your national driver’s license in nine languages ​​(English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Italian and German, Arabic, Swedish, and French) in case you need to contact foreign authorities.

Even if you don’t intend to drive or rent a car abroad, having your IDP shipped will give you more safety and peace of mind if the unexpected happens.

Driving requirements in Kuwait as a foreigner

Most countries require an International Driving Permit (IDP) to drive legally on the road. Kuwait is one of those countries, and you can get an IDP before you go there. The easiest way to explore Kuwait is to rent a car, and you need an IDP.

Kuwait is a member of the United Nations Convention, and travelers must have a valid international driver’s license to rent a car and legally drive in Kuwait. All visitors planning a trip to Kuwait must ensure they have an IDP from their home or residence before traveling.

IDP certifies that you have a legal driver’s license in your country of origin. It also protects you and your family in case of a car crash or injury while traveling abroad or without valid documents such as passports.

Anyone with a valid home driver’s license can get an IDP. Keep in mind that IDP is just an expression of a native license. This allows the local Kuwait traffic police to determine if you are eligible to drive a car. Therefore, before you get an IDP, first get a local license from your home country.

Like the rest of the world, Kuwait’s legal driving age is 18. However, most car rental companies do not allow drivers under 21 to rent a car. Some leasing agencies charge under-driver fees to drivers under the age of 25. A driver who does not have a valid driver’s license will not be able to drive or work in Kuwait. Even if you have a valid license, it’s safer to let someone else drive you, so you don’t need the help of an IDP. Therefore, people under 18 cannot drive – only those with an IDP and a driver’s license.

Apply for a Kuwait driving license

Generally, expatriates can live in Kuwait for two years, earn a university degree, earn a monthly salary of 600 KD, and then apply for a driver’s license. However, there may be exceptions to this law. Certain professions can be exempt from one, two, or all three of the above requirements. If you have a Ph.D., Kuwait will issue a driver’s license without further tests, except for a vision test. If you do not have a Ph.D. and meet the above conditions, you must pass both a written test and a field driver’s license test, including parallel parking. Kuwait offers sample written exams on its website to help you prepare for the written part of the test. Aptitude tests must be completed during regular working hours, which usually means a holiday. In addition to the written and proficiency tests, the driver must also pass a medical examination.

Car rental in Kuwait

Kuwait has an extensive road network, and most road signs are written in Arabic and English, making driving easy. New entrants will also appreciate the reduction in fuel costs. Most western expatriates buy or rent a car to fly to Kuwait. Both used and new cars are readily available, and newcomers will find that they drive more often than at home.

When traveling to other countries, be sure to know the necessary documents to reduce the stress of your trip. Most Kuwait car rental companies have these specifications handy.

  • A valid driver’s license. If you anticipate language problems, the option is an international driver’s license
  • copy of passport
  • Deposit your credit card or money depending on the terms and conditions of the car rental company

You can easily see what the car rental company has in their fleet by checking the website. Not all cars on the market are ready for rental, but a few checks seem reliable. Car rental staff may claim that they cannot promise the exact model of the booking. Rental fees vary depending on the type of vehicle you rent, the cost of the car, and insurance. Delivery of additional goods and facilities often affects rent. Car rentals find rates below the average daily price of $ 40-100 per day.

To rent a car in Kuwait and hold a driver’s license for at least one year, you must be at least 21 years old. Car rental age information may vary by vehicle type. Travelers with a valid driver’s license from their country of origin can receive a rental car. Maintaining an International Driving Permit (IDP) before traveling is advisable to avoid problems with local law enforcement agencies.

As a foreigner traveling to Kuwait, insurance is one of the most critical concerns. When renting a car, the car rental company can offer car insurance if you choose your rental plan. You will need to contact your travel insurance company to find out what coverage you can afford. Car insurance can drive you anywhere from $ 150 to $ 400, depending on the type of car you rent.

Driving rules

Whenever someone encounters other cultures, he must have a good understanding of these cultures. The reality is different at home or abroad. There must be proper rules, and Kuwait has a stringent road law.

Drunk Driving

Drunk drivers don’t seem to make good decisions. In some Arab states that comprise the Middle East and Gulf, the consumption of alcoholic drinks is restricted. However, alcohol is not allowed in Kuwait, and in Kuwait, the legal system prohibits the manufacture of alcohol and its importation.

Legal driving age

Like the rest of the world, Kuwait’s legal driving age is 18. However, most car rental companies do not allow drivers under 21 to rent a car, and some leasing agencies charge under-driver fees to drivers under 25.


Overtaking in Kuwait is not illegal. Still, it’s important to remember that the right lane is the country’s high-speed lane. You also need to overtake your right-hand side. Pass hogging in this country is a crime that can result in penalties and penalties.

Driver side

One of Kuwait’s driving rules stipulates that you usually have to drive on the right side of the road. Some drivers tend to overtake without a turn signal, but that’s not why others do. We recommend that you comply with government regulations, especially traffic and road traffic laws.

Important documents

You should always carry your local driver’s license, IDP, passport, and vehicle-related documents as traffic may stop while driving in Kuwait. Road authorities can find these documents at checkpoints and may be charged if they refuse to present them. If you want to travel or drive in Kuwait, find a driving job in Kuwait, or enroll in a Kuwait driving school, you can find all of this in the country. Remember that driving without a license is a criminal offense in Kuwait.

Safety Tips

  • Knowing what to do in certain situations, such as your car breaking down, is better. Be sure to pull the car to the other side of the lane to stay away from other vehicles. You can directly call the car rental company to resolve the issue and tell them what happened.
  • The military has set up various checkpoints, but many tourists agree that checkpoints are often more inconvenient. Once you have the complete documentation and ID, you don’t have to worry about anything else. If they find something strange, it’s just a visual search with a confirmation at the top.
  • Two main types of drivers can significantly increase the risk to others in bad weather. A driver who is afraid unnecessarily, and a driver who is ill-advised. Overly worried drivers seem to overestimate the dangers of the situation and drive at unreasonably slow speeds. When it rains, it can be difficult for the driver to see other vehicles. Therefore, the wipers must be working on the car.
  • Careless drivers often ignore the effects of bad weather and even take advantage of the fact that many other drivers are out of the lane due to the weather. Even if visibility is poor or the road is wet, undetected drivers can quickly drive above the maximum speed of the freeway. Rain can make it challenging to stay in the lane, stop, and avoid collisions with other vehicles.

Top 7 Places to Visit in Kuwait

Many stunning natural scenery and skyscrapers here will provide fresh air. Kuwait is one of the finest places to travel; most tourists haven’t looked at Kuwait’s beautiful landscape. Historians will delight in discovering everything you didn’t know when traveling to Kuwait. Visit places that have extraordinary history to visit.

Al Sadu House

You can go to Al Sadu House anytime during the year. Sadu House is a unique museum representing a significant departure from the typical collection of artifacts and historical objects. Bait ‘Al Saud is a historic Kuwait building near the Gulflane National Museum. It’s now a fascinating museum showing Beduin weave styles and Sadu weaving techniques. Al Sada Society is created for the protection of Beduin art. The museum rooms offer a glimpse of the tradition and the craft. Sadu takes advantage of the Bedouins’ nomadic life and is esthetically symmetric. IDPs may be available for Kuwait trips on the website of international motorists’ associations.

National Museum

Just like every museum, National Museum is open whenever it is desired. Designed by French architect Michel Ecochard, the National Museum reflects Kuwait’s legacy. The museum was once the home of the royal families. Despite it being stolen during the Gulf War, many parts were restored throughout time. The museum combines archaeology and historic and palatial features. The most striking of them are pieces from Failsaka Island dating from the Bronze Age. Heritage segments remain firmly ahead with lifesize portrayals of various parts of Kuwait. Initially the first Museum in the Gulf region, its roof is covered by vertical domes.

Aquarium and Scientific Centre

The scientific center lies on shore in Salmiya, Kuwait. It contains three important attractions within the Science Centre: a museum, a discovery palace, and the Imax cinema. The Dhow Harbour is situated close to the coast. Many species exist in diverse environmental conditions in one of the Middle East’s largest aquariums. You will find plant and marine life while traveling with your kids. Do I need a driver’s license in Kuwait? Yeah! Before going to Kuwait, prepare your international driving certificate Kuwait requirements or international driving license Kuwait documentation to apply.

Kuwait House of National Works

This Invasion Tunnel tells the story of Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait. This area can only be explored during the cold season. This commemorates Kuwaitis and its allied forces martyred in a fight against Iraq’s criminals in Kuwait. This historical museum located in Shuwaikh shows the dark eras of the Gulf Wars of 1990-1991. This exhibit consists of a handmade city model stamped in Arabic and English for ten minutes. Martyrs’ Hall commemorates all the brave veterans of combat history. It shows several items still dated from the Second World War.

Tareq Rajab Museum

March and May is the perfect period to visit museums. The Museum is divided into regions A and B. Its history dates back to numerous countries worldwide, including Afghanistan, Iran, Tibet, Bhutan, and many others. The ethnographic archive is rare and exceptional because of the intricate weaves and stitchery on fabrics in gold jewelry, pottery, metalware, and glasswork. International drivers’ permits contain the Kuwait International driver’s number & International driver’s zip code. Take two days to be completely amazed!

Kuwait Tower

From November until April can be ideal times to explore Kuwait Tower. The group consists of 3 buildings situated at Arabian Gulf Boulevard in Dasman. Kuwait Towers represents a symbol of an improved economy across the region. The tower was commissioned a year before Kuwait was liberated from Britain. After submitting the international drivers permit Kuwait form, you will be given the international license Kuwait number so you can travel and have fun while traveling. Are there any foreign driver’s licenses available for Kuwait?

House of Mirrors

Houses of Mirror are available whenever you like. There’s a private address in Qaida, and prior appointments must happen. It is managed by Lidia Al Qattan, an Italian sculptor, painting artist, and jeweler. When Jalila threw out her mirror, oblivious to the superstitious thought behind the broken mirror, she was inspired to make some creative use of the glass shards in the film. Although the visits are scheduled in advance, there is an attentive and friendly welcome. The house has a beautiful sparkle between the buildings.


Does Kuwait accept International Driving Permits?

Kuwait has ratified one UN convention, and a visa must be obtained to drive a vehicle legally. You will be required to carry and present an IDP if you are pulled over to overcome language barriers.

How can I get my IDP for Kuwait?

The application processes have been simplified to make it easy and quick to complete your application. The whole process will take around 20 minutes to complete. You will require your current driver’s license, photographs, and legal identification. You can receive a digital copy via email, and a printed copy will be sent to your postal address in 2-30 days, depending on your region and delivery method.

What do I need to drive in Kuwait?

To drive a car in Kuwait, you must have a valid and clean driver’s license from your country of origin. We recommend obtaining an International Driving Permit (IDP) before traveling.

What are the speed limits in Kuwait?

Kuwait is a right-hand drive, with a speed limit of 120 km / h, except for some highways with a speed limit of 100 km / h. The minimum speed on some other highways is 50 or 80 km / h. In urban areas, the speed limit of 45 km / h is applied, and on urban expressways and all bridges, elevated roads, and ring roads, the maximum speed limit of 60 km / h is applied.

What are the driving rules in Kuwait?

In Kuwait, drive on the right side of the road. When entering a roundabout, the car must stop completely, not just turn. Seat belts are a must when driving a rental car in Kuwait. The use of mobile phones while driving is prohibited except for hands-free equipment.

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