International Driving Permit Guyana

What Is An International Driver’s Permit?

What is the difference between an International Driving Permit (IDP) and an International Driving License (IDL)?

An International Driving Permit is a small grey booklet marginally larger than a passport containing a translation of your original driving license in 10 languages, including English, French, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, and Spanish. It is recognized by 141 countries worldwide and is valid for one year.

On the other hand, an International Driving License is not a legal document and cannot be used to drive in foreign countries or instead of an IDP.

How does an International Driving Permit work in Guyana?

An International Driving Permit is a translation of your national driver’s license, allowing you to drive in Guyana.

How do I get an International Driving Permit for Guyana?

You can apply for an IDP through our website. This includes filling in the application form and requires the following:

  • Your valid driver’s license
  • Photo ID (like a passport or national ID card)
  • Your signature
  • Provide a local address for your stay in Guyana
  • Debit or credit card

How much does an IDP cost?

Any pricing queries can be checked from our pricing page.

How long does it take to get an IDP?

A digital IDP takes up to 2 hours to land in your inbox. Alternatively, if you want a faster processing time, you can choose an Express Order, in which you will receive your IDP in 20 minutes.

A printed IDP can be delivered to your doorstep, with the estimated delivery date varying between 2-30 days, depending on the selected delivery method.

United Nations agreement on road traffic

The United Nations road traffic agreement is an agreement between countries in the UN to implement the use of International Driving Permits. There have been three automotive conventions so far, the first happening in Paris in 1926, followed by Geneva in 1949, and the last occurred in Vienna in 1968.

This agreement implemented the usage of IDPs and ensured that the UN authorizes all IDPs. Countries are also allowed to authorize other automotive associations to issue IDPs on behalf of the government.

Benefits Of Carrying An IDP In Guyana

Legal requirement

It is legally required for most foreigners wishing to drive in Guyana to carry an International Driver’s Permit. Although there are exceptions, such as if you hold a valid US license, police and authorities may have difficulty understanding your foreign permit due to the language barrier.

Having an IDP on you while visiting Guyana will make driving in this country a lot less stressful and help avoid any uncomfortable run in’s with authorities at checkpoints.

Functions as an international form of identification

One of the most popular reasons people carry an International Driver’s Permit is that it can function as a valid international Id. Since it has all your essential information, such as your name, picture, and driver information, and is translated into 12 different languages, it can be a handy form of id when there is a language barrier.

Car rental companies

The vast majority of car rental companies will require you to have an IDP with you and your valid driver’s license if you wish to rent a vehicle. This rule also applies to car rental companies in Guyana. You will also be asked to provide other documents if you want to rent a car in Guyana.

Driving Requirements For Noncitizens

Short-term visitors vs. long-term stay

For short-term visitors, you can use an IDP in Guyana for only one month. If you intend to extend your visa for longer, you will need to apply for a valid residency in Guyana.

If you are permanently moving to Guyana, getting a Guyana driving license upon arrival is probably better, considering an IDP is only valid for one month.

When Do I Need To Get A Driver’s License in Guyana?

  1. Any persons wishing to drive in Guyana after using their IDP for one month must then get a valid driver’s license for Guyana. It is a lengthy process to obtain a full driving license in Guyana.

Renewing your IDP or original driving license while in Guyana

Tourists can not renew your International Driver’s Permit in Guyana as it is only valid for one month. Tourists wishing to drive after that must get a license in Guyana.

Suppose you have a provisional license or full license in Guyana. In that case, you can renew it up to 3 times by bringing your expired driving license and a form of identification to the License Revenue Office and renew it there. You will also be expected to pay the same fee as on the application.

Vehicle Rental In Guyana

The best way to explore Guyana during your trip is by renting a vehicle. Public transport is available in private minibusses, but they often stay within the cities and are not the most reliable. A car is a must-have if you want to get outside the cities and explore some of Guyana’s beautiful landscapes.

Vehicle rental in Guyana is similar to other countries and is usually an easy and convenient option for many tourists. There are many different vehicle rental options, with many larger companies stationed at Cheddi Jagan International Airport, such as Hertz car rental and Europcar. There are also plenty of local car hiring options to choose from!

Renting vehicles during your visit to Guyana is similar to other countries, and you can often shop around online to find the best price vehicles to suit your required needs for your trip. This will also help ensure that the type of car you are hoping to rent is available for your journey, and you don’t end up getting something unsuitable or going above your desired budget.

Vehicle rental costs

Car rental costs will vary depending on where you rent the car from, the type and size of car required, the age and experience of the driver (young driver’s fee), and any add-on requirements you request such as built-in GPS, car seats or wifi.

It is always a good idea to shop around when renting a car, but car rental in Guyana is generally considered affordable for most. Car rental costs can start at about $50 per day and increase to about $175 per day.

The legal driving age in Guyana is 18 years old, but like in many countries, car rental agencies usually won’t rent a car to a driver under the age of 20 anyways. Even with the minimum age for car rental being 20, most car rental agencies around the world will charge a young driver’s fee for drivers aged between 20 – 25. This is usually because of the increased insurance risk with younger, inexperienced drivers, especially when visiting a foreign country unfamiliar with the local roads and driving laws.


Every car rental agency will require you to provide adequate documentation when renting a car. Failure to provide these will result in you being unable to obtain a rental vehicle for your visit. All rental agencies usually request the following documents;

  • Your own country’s driving license (must be valid for at least six months)
  • Your International Driving Permit
  • A valid ID, such as a passport
  • A debit or credit card for payment

Car insurance policy

Motor insurance is mandatory in Guyana and is implemented by authorities. All cars, including rental vehicles, must be adequately insured with a minimum Third Party, Fire, and Theft policy. Failure to have adequate insurance on your car can result in fines from the police.

Some rental vehicle companies will supply insurance with the car you are renting, but it is essential to check that it is provided already before driving. If the rental agency does not provide, you must insure the vehicle.

Some rental companies may require you to get add-on insurance such as a fully comprehensive insurance policy to ensure the car is protected as much as possible.

Hire car driving tips

  • Always check the interior and exterior of the car for any damage already done. Make a note of this, take photographs and inform the rental agency before accepting responsibility for the vehicle. This will prevent you from paying for any damages you didn’t do.
  • Ensure all car parts are in good working condition, such as tire pressure, lights/indicators, and oil. Ensure that the vehicle being supplied is what was requested and is suitable for your needs.
  • As stated above, it is your job to ensure your car is adequately insured, so check with the rental agency and get any documents needed for proof of insurance. It is also a good idea to check the rental companies’ policy on breakdowns or accidents, such as checking will another rental car be supplied if needed.

Driving And Safety In Guyana

Driving in Guyana is not easy and is best left to experienced drivers. The roads in the cities can be heavily congested, with many local drivers not obeying local road rules. The road conditions themselves are often poor, with little maintenance upheld. Roads are often narrow, with pedestrians, cars, livestock, and stray animals often sharing the streets.

You must carry your driver’s license and IDP when driving. Still, tourists should have their IDs, such as a passport, visa documents, and all car rental documents, including proof of insurance. Some other road rules to keep in mind are:

  • You must drive on the left-hand side
  • The standard speed limits are 50 km/h in urban areas, 80km/h in metropolitan areas, and 100km/h on highways
  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol is strictly prohibited
  • It is not permitted to drive while using a phone (unless a hands-free device)

Top 3 Places to Visit in Guyana

Guyana is a country located in the central north of South America with a coastline on the North Atlantic ocean. Brazil, Suriname, and Venezuela border it. Guyana was once one of many British colonies, so it is one of the only countries in South America that is primarily English-speaking. Still, the majority of the country also speaks Guyanese Creole.

Guyana has a wet tropical climate, consisting of plenty of warm temperature and rain, without any extreme heat or cold. A large majority of the country is covered in tropical forests and, as such, is mainly inhabited.


Guyana’s capital Georgetown is the most populous city in Guyana and is located at the mouth of the Demerara river, near the North Atlantic coastline. It has plenty of hotels, museums and welcoming people. It is an ideal first stop on your trip to Guyana, where you can enjoy meals and drinks in restaurants and bars or walk through the shopping district.

Shell beach

Located along the North Atlantic Ocean, this beautiful beach is surrounded by rainforests and mangroves. It is also home to a nesting ground of marine turtles, and from March to August, visitors can expect to see four different types of endangered marine turtles.

Kaieteur Falls

Kaieteur Falls is a 741-foot waterfall and is the world’s largest single-drop waterfall by volume. You can experience breathtaking views of this waterfall from one of the many viewing platforms located around the perimeter. A surrounding wall of the rainforest protects these magnificent waterfalls.


What should I do if I lose my IDP in Guyana?

If you lose your IDP in Guyana, contact us, and we will issue you a replacement.

What should I do if stopped by the police in Guyana?

Police stops are common in every country, and the rules apply in Guyana everywhere. Stay calm and polite, and ensure all your required documents are in the vehicle at all times.

Can I drive to Guyana in Winter?

Thanks to Guyana’s mild climate, driving in winter isn’t a huge concern. The only time drivers need to exercise caution when driving due to weather is during Guyana’s Rainy season, and heavy downpours can make driving more difficult.


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