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Jersey is the largest island of the Channel Islands, located between Great Britain and France. A self-governing dependency of the United Kingdom, with a mixture of British and French cultures, it is known for its beaches, cliff walks, inland valleys and historic castles. Grab the opportunity to tour around the place and enjoy a vacation. Renting and traveling in a car is the option option to fully enjoy yourself, however, you can’t just hop into the driver’s seat as there are some things you need to prepare for before getting ready to travel.

What is an International Driving Permit or License?

The distinction between IDP and IDL is not always clear. Therefore, be aware that an International Driving Permit is NOT the same as an IDP. The International Driving Permit is not a legally recognized document. The term is often misused while referring to the International Driving Permit.

An IDP is required to travel to countries that are not part of the European Union and also to countries that use an alphabet other than the UK/US. Simply put, an IDP is the translation of all the important information on your driver’s license into eight different languages. An International Driving Permit can only be used in conjunction with a full UK driving license and both must be carried with you at all times when driving abroad.

How does an IDP work in Jersey?

IDPs are accepted in many countries, and owners can usually drive their own car in the country they are traveling to without carrying anything else. In Jersey, IDPs cannot be issued more than 3 months in advance. Applicants must be at least 18 years old and have a valid full license.

Apply Now For IDP in Jersey

For a driver who is on another foreign state-issued driver license, the driver must be a resident of Jersey for a period of twelve months. Renters are required to present IDP with their driving license to rent car. Since Jersey is part of Geneva’s 1949 convention, IDPs of 1949 can be issued to citizens of Jersey.

Why do people carry IDPs?

Your ID card can be used worldwide in 150 countries with your name and photograph. It translates your identifier data to 10 languages, and can also speak it if it doesn’t. Many countries recommend obtaining the International Driving Permit. Another country does not allow the issuance of IDPs as a condition of using US drivers licenses. A driver licence issued by an IDP is not valid in a foreign country. Almost all countries require IDP driver’s licenses in the United States. A driving ban can prove expensive. Get information about your country before going.

Tell the importance of having an IDP?

Residents of Jersey are English speakers. Other languages are Portuguese, Polish and Jerriais. Jersey provides an ideal summer holiday spot due to the warmer climate than the rest of UK countries. A quick introduction into International driver licenses in Jersey will help you understand the basic IDP process. When visiting Jersey and discovering hidden attractions, be sure you are carrying an international driver’s license.

United Nations Agreements on Road Traffic

The Geneva Convention on Road Transport is an international treaty that promotes the development and safety of international road traffic by establishing certain unified rules among the Parties. The Geneva Convention on Road Traffic is one of three treaties governing international driver’s licenses. The other two are the 1926 Paris International Convention on Road Traffic and the 1968 Vienna Convention on Road Traffic. A description of driver’s licenses and international driver’s licenses under the 1949 Convention can be found in Appendixes 9 and 10. The 1949 Geneva Convention states that the IDP is valid for one year from the date of issue.

Benefits of Carrying an International driving permits in Jersey

International driving permit as identification

IDP can also replace ID, it can be used as a form of identification for foreigners and tourists as it is translated into many languages ​​and can be understood by road authorities. The IDP ensures that the police can quickly record your details and send them to you on the go. This is especially useful in emergencies and car accidents.

Car rental companies

Many countries require you to carry an IDP to drive legally, most countries do not accept international driving permits at all and you face consequences in the form of heavy fines. Also, car rental companies may refuse to let you rent a car without a valid driving permit along with the condition of holding your permit for a minimum of a year.

Is it necessary to have an IDP in a foreign country?

There are also some other nations which don’t accept US drivers licenses but officially acknowledge the IDPs (e.g. Hungary). Other countries have an American driver’s licence which can be obtained in other languages. IDPs are often required to meet these conditions to drive legally. While some governments may no longer require an individual to travel abroad, car rentals headquartered in such countries as Hertz can require an IDP for the use of their cars. Purchase IDPs before leaving can save you time and money.

Driving Requirements for Non-Citizens in Jersey

If you normally live outside of Jersey and stay in Jersey for less than 12 months, you can drive with a non-Jersey driver’s license. Anyone who holds a foreign driver’s license and becomes a resident of Jersey or intends to stay there for more than 12 months, must exchange that foreign driver’s license for a valid Jersey driving licence.

To redeem your foreign license, you must visit the local parish hall. On some conditions, you must pass the Jersey driving theory and practice test to obtain a full valid Jersey driving licences.

How to use the International Driving Licence / Permit?

Your i-db permits you to drive legal in over 174 countries. The application will not appear unless you have an American driving license. The IDP is not evidence of driving experience and if you want this to continue then you need a drivers licence. Your IDP will never give you other benefits or privileges. If you offer a license that provides a different level of information than the one offered by IDP then you are running into a scam.

Renewing your international driving licence or permit

Renewing your international driver’s license is very easy. All you have to do is contact the original issuer of your international driver’s license for a renewal. They may even send you a document that you can get a printout of locally as well as a digital email and you get an international license.

original valid driving licence

If your license expires while you are abroad, you will be required to renew it to keep driving in that country. The procedure varies widely among countries. License renewal may include a vision test which cannot be done online, which may mean that you need to return to your country of origin to renew your license. Although, you may not be required for this test and can get a new permit without any hassle. Most countries provide an online license renewing service for expats.

international driving permit

You can purchase a new international driving permit and renewal of it online on the website application form. Getting an email of your international driving permit takes up to 2 hours. If you choose Express Order, we will process your application within 20 minutes. A printed international driver’s license will be sent to your postal address, and delivery will vary based on the selected delivery method and place of stay (2-30 business days).

Car Rental in Jersey

Since Jersey is an island, there are plenty of car rentals in the area. But before renting a car, you must make sure that you have a valid license and driving experience. You can take a refresher course on the island as there are driving schools in Jersey. You must bring your IDP or you may be refused to rent a car. This is required if your driver’s license is in a language or characters other than the native Jersey language. To reduce the possibility of future penalties, car rental companies recommend travelers present an IDP.

Depending on location and region, the minimum driving age ranges from 16 to 21 years old. Car hire companies in Jersey will be happy to assist you with Jersey local requirements. The authorities will ask you your age during the booking process. Young drivers often have to pay a young driver surcharge, which may not be included when paying the rental fee.

Although many car rental companies may offer insured cars, you might be required to purchase private motor vehicle insurance your own for safety. Having car insurance in Jersey is not a luxury, but it is an absolute necessity as it can protect you and your vehicle.

Driving and safety in Jersey

Drivers without a valid driver’s license are not allowed to drive in Jersey. It’s important to always carry your passport and driver’s license with you when traveling to another country, especially when the police conduct random security checks to make sure everyone on the road is capable of driving in the country, so be sure to carry the following important documents in your car:

  • An International Driver’s Permit
  • Current jersey driving licence
  • Car registration documents
  • An insurance file
  • Visa and passport
  • A registered oval plate on the car

Obeying the road traffic rules is simple for you and for other road users. The rules will also prevent you from breaking while driving in Jersey. The law will even help lay the groundwork in the event of a street conflict.

No drink driving

While you are intoxicated, operating of any vehicle – a car, bus, motorcycle or any other motor vehicle – is a serious offence. Drunk driving is often referred to by researchers as driving under the influence. Drinking and driving does not necessarily mean you are drunk, but it also includes driving a car with a blood alcohol concentration. It should be noted that drunk driving is illegal and carries heavy fines.

Speed limits

Please drive carefully and respect the law upto 40 mph speed ​​limits on all islands. As for general speed limits, on certain sections of the road, such as 20/30 mph in congested areas and 15 mph in green lines, you should watch out for lower limits. Speed ​​limit signs indicate these limits.

Seat belts are mandatory

It’s not just the driver and front passenger who are required to do so. Suppose there is an emergency such as a collision. Seat belts are intended to keep a person on the ground and, if worn correctly, to limit and minimize injuries suffered and, of course, prevent death as much as possible. The seat belt should be adjusted so that it does not open or sag unnecessarily.

Rules about overtaking

You must overtake on the right. Breaking the law reduces the risk of a collision with other vehicles. Also, avoid overtaking school buses and ambulances.

Traffic signs

Drive in Jersey with their traffic signs not much different from the main traffic signs in your hometown. These traffic signs have been placed by the government for anyone driving in Jersey. You don’t have to worry because the signs are all in English.

Driving tips

In the event that your vehicle breaks down in the middle of the trip, you must present a payment card to cover the cost until the vehicle is received. You will need to park properly, preferably inside a marked location. Contacting the parking enforcement office or asking someone else for help can also be a solution, as they can give you advice tailored to your situation.

If the authorities come to pull you over and you are unable to communicate due to a language barrier, present your International Driving Permit or IDP to avoid communication problems, that’s why IDP is very important when driving abroad.

When driving, safety should always be your top priority. Your attention is more diverted than ever, so it’s important to learn the basics of safe driving and practice them every time you’re on the road. To drive and explore the island of Jersey, it is recommended that you drive at night. City lights and all the sights you can explore. For convenience in driving and visiting the small island of Jersey, make sure you have a driving plan.

If you have an accident while in Jersey, do what you would do back in your own country. Report the incident to the local police and call an ambulance if someone is injured. You have to prioritize your health, that’s why it’s important to test yourself before others. Don’t worry about the rental car, insurance will cover damages.

Top destinations to visit in Jersey

  1. Brelade’s Bay Beach

The best beach on Jersey is St. Brelades Bay Beach. Tourists and residents frequent this area during hot months. In many parts of the coastline, there are lounge chairs, shade shelters, and windbreaks. Tourist can also rent these such as sea port kayak or paddle board. You can take the fun of riding in an inflatable towed on a speedboat for a thrilling excursion. Tourists may also enjoy a visit to Winston Churchill Park and the famous Fisherman Chapel. The historic building of St. Brelade Parish Church and Fisherman Chapel are situated along North-Western shores. Tourists are also welcome at the condo, spa or cafe on the edge of the beach.

Plemont Bay

Plemont Bay is an impressive landscape featuring countless shallow pool types. The pool is a popular playground and entertainment place with adults, children and other visitors alike. It has plenty of room and is perfect for children. Children will enjoy the bay as many attractions are available such as caves hidden in an abandoned river amidst the calm sea. You will find a multitude of caves, waterfalls, and rock pools. Tourists spend the bulk of their stay at the Bay due to its vast area. Plus, there is a very private spot with a beautiful view.

Spring lake

Spring Lake may be a misnomer because it is located on the Atlantic Ocean. But wait! There is a lake in the center of town, to complement the beaches on the shore. To the delight of the anglers, the lake was stocked with trout. The city also has seven tennis courts and two beachfront pools as well as shops in a picturesque village. Visitors in the summer can cycle around town. The city claims their boardwalk is the longest uninterrupted non-commercial boardwalk in New Jersey. A special pass is required to enter the two-mile beach.

Jersey War Tunnels – German Underground Hospital

Tourists may visit Jersey War Tunnels at St. Lawrence Country, ten kilometers north of St. Helena. Its bus route can be easily accessible from any city. On numerous islands bus tours, the landscape is an excellent characteristic. The German erected this tunnel by forcibly forcing slave work. The war tunnel has an Army vehicle named Char B1 and some military replica tanks. In those years the tunnels had a complete function theater, clean air flow, and many others, although nobody had used the facility. Some tourist objects are still in the exhibition.

Elizabeth Castle

How can we learn Jersey’s history and culture by going to Elizabeth Castle? The Elizabeth Castle is accessible from Low and High Tides or from Castle Ferry. The ferry will take the passengers through the bay and back into and out of the castle. Here you can find all sorts of towers in the city and find the Hermitage where the locals believe that Saint Helier resided sometime around 350 AD.

Jersey Museum & Art Gallery

Jersey Museum & Art Gallery has more experience. Find out the history of the island from the 250,000 when the earliest explorer settlers landed in Jersey and explore the influences that created the island and the people who lived here over the ages. In the tourist site, it offers an exhibit free for visitors. You can discover Lillie Langter’s artwork and the story behind treasure in Jersey. There was another island there.

Frequently asked questions

Can you drive with a permit in Jersey?

Students with a learners permit can practice driving supervision for six months at an average. The license holder must also accompany an adult while driving. Foreigners must have an IDP on them.

Do I need an IDP to drive in Jersey?

You will have to carry IDPs with Jersey driving permits. It is possible to obtain green cards from insurance companies as well as other forms of protection. You need to show valid driver information to authority that stops you.

I’m in active duty military service and my U.S. license expires. Can I apply for an IDP?

The states have specific provisions governing the revocation of a military driving permit. Even though valid in the country, it is possible for an expired military license to be valid in another country in terms of driving laws of the country.

How do I apply for an IDP?

You can apply for an IDP online on our website online. The whole process will take less than 20 minutes and a digital copy of the IDP issued will be sent to you via email. A physical copy will be mailed to you within 2-30 days depending on the delivery method. The necessary documents would be current driver’s license, passport size photos and ID card along with the completed application form.

Can I use my local driver’s license in Jersey?

You can travel alone with a non-Jersey driver’s license, but only if you’ve been in Jersey for less than 12 months. If you currently reside in the UK and choose to drive a UK car in Jersey, you can do so. The only problem here is the possibility of being asked for an IDP and not having one.

Can I use my IDP in place of a license?

An IDP will not replace a driver’s license issued by your country’s government or state. An International Driving Permit cannot replace a withheld or suspended driver’s license. However, if you need to stay in the country for more than a year, you must convert your native driver’s license to a Jersey driver’s license.

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