International Driving Permit Angola

Angola is a South African country whose diverse terrain includes tropical Atlantic beaches, labyrinthine rivers, and sub-Saharan deserts crossing Namibia’s borders. The country’s colonial history is reflected in Portuguese-influenced cuisine and attractions, such as the Fortaleza de San Miguel, a fortress built by the Portuguese in 1576.

Travel here for a long-awaited vacation and relaxation. The best way to make the fullest of these moments is to travel yourself in a car. We will let you know the requirements to drive and rent a car in Angola.

What is the difference between an International Driving Permit (IDP) and an International Driver’s License (IDL)?

An International Driving Permit is a small grey booklet marginally larger than a passport containing a translation of your original driving license in 10 languages, including English, French, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, and Spanish. It is recognized by 141 countries worldwide and is valid for one year.

In comparison, an International Driving License is not a legal document and cannot be used to drive in foreign countries or instead of an IDP.

Why do people carry IDPs while driving in Angola?

Your ID card can be used to identify a person from a foreign country in over 200 countries worldwide – this is easily understood by most local authorities in the countries you visit. This system can be translated into 13 languages to ensure that you’ve spoken that language even when you’re not. In Angolan law, a driver’s international permit is required.

Applying for IDP

Those wishing to apply for licenses can do so from anywhere worldwide. Our products reach hundreds of customers every day. All you need is your current driver’s license, passport-sized photographs, and ID. You may receive your IDP within 2 hours after filling out an application form that will take 20 minutes.

Benefits of an IDP

Functionality as an ID

IDPs are a convenient travel document as it doubles as identification documents. This is advantageous if you want to keep your passport under lock and key due to security considerations. An IDP can be used instead of a national ID card, especially if it is in a language that is not internationally used.

Quicker traffic authority stops.

Traffic police may have trouble deciphering your driver’s information on your license during a routine traffic stop. Having an IDP ensures that officers can quickly note down your particulars and send you on your way. This may be especially handy during the unfortunate event of an emergency or motor misfortunes.

Car rental companies

Car rental companies worldwide require you to have an International Driving Permit and a valid driving license to rent a car. This is due to the United Nations recognizing an IDP as a good driving permit. Having an IDP will ensure that your valuable vacation time isn’t wasted on trying to convince a conservative car rental agency of the validity of your foreign driver’s license.

Driving requirements for non-citizens in Angola

The traveler must present an international vaccination certificate and proof of negative COVID-19 PCR or serological test performed within 72 hours of departure upon entry and retest within seven days of arrival. There is. You can also request a history of yellow fever vaccination before entering and driving in Angola. Immigrants are allowed to quarantine at home, but the government has set up several quarantine stations nationwide for those who cannot.

An Angola International Driving Permit helps facilitate cross-border driving. It allows Angola authorities to understand your driver’s license if it is not issued in English. It serves as a translation and an additional ID that can be presented to authorities and car rental companies. Tourists from the United States can drive Angola for only one month with a domestic driver’s license; this month, they need to apply for an Angola driver’s license.

Road trips in Angola are best experienced without encountering traffic authorities. If your country’s traffic laws differ, you may need to adapt your driving skills to Angola’s standards. The legal driving age is before a person is allowed to drive 18; however, you must be at least 21 years old if you want to rent a car.

It is a legal requirement always to have the correct documents when driving in Angola. You should always have important documents. B. Local driver’s license, proof of driving insurance in Angola, visa, passport. You must also have an International Driving Permit, or what is known as an International Driving Permit. Your passport or other copy of your ID must be certified by an Angola notary.

Police and military checkpoints are located on all major highways, especially in the capital, so it is essential to have an ID when driving and traveling between Angola states. You may need your original ID card or paperwork to cross the state; otherwise, you can carry a copy if traveling to only one state.

Car rental in Angola

You may want to drive your car, but it’s also good to know that you can rent a car in Angola. A local car rental company is based in Luanda, and some international organizations also have offices in the country. Many car rental companies and travel platform websites affiliated with global car rental companies offer car rental in Angola.

Car rental companies offer a wide variety of cars rented in Angola. You can rent various vehicles, including economy, middle size, compact, minivan or van, luxury or sports car, SUVs, and more.

An IDP is required to rent a car in Angola. This is especially true for those with a foreign driver’s license without photographs or obscure and outdated images. If you rent a car, you will also need to obtain an IDP if your driver’s license is printed in a non-Roman alphabet such as Arabic, Chinese or Japanese. Helps translate local licenses of Angola’s transportation authorities and rental companies. You must also present a complete IDP before renting a car to drive in Angola. Although different agencies may have additional requirements, it is recommended that you have your passport, visa, other international driver’s document, and debit or credit card ready for rental transactions.

Most car rental companies in Angola have a minimum legal age to drive, which is 18 in Angola, but the lessor or driver must be 21. Car rental companies charge insurance premiums to relatively young drivers under 25. There is no age limit for driving in Angola, but some institutions do.

Car rental companies usually set prices that include fire, collision, and theft insurance. Some car rental companies offer comprehensive car rental protection services, and this guarantees a refund of the overage fee for the rental car.

Driving abroad

The laws of various jurisdictions differ, but one thing is constant, IDP is required.

Since brushing up on the road rules is always wise before getting behind the wheel in a foreign country, some things to remember are:

  • The speed limit in a city is 60 km/hour; in rural zones, it is 100 km/hour.
  • You must allow vehicles coming from the left at intersections. Depending on your lane, the proper traffic rules need to be followed. You must leave the parking garage and exit the station. The right to enter must apply to vehicles entering roundabouts or leaving level crossings.
  • If you plan on renting a car, you need a minimum age of 21
  • All passengers should wear a seatbelt
  • During the rainy season of October to March, driving is risky due to potholes and erosion, and particular routes are impassable
  • Tourists must carry their license, IDP, and insurance in the car with them at all times

Top 6 Places to Visit in Angola

From the most spectacular nature with Springbok, lions, elephants, and gorillas to the forgotten but beautiful Portuguese colonial buildings. Angola boasts a vast coastline with a beautiful blend of Atlantic beauty and grasslands, savanna, tropical forests, and the chaotic expanse of inland cities.


The capital of Angola is full of clear contrast. Beautiful Atlantic views are spoiled by busy ships, and modern skyscrapers contrast with sophisticated huts built to accommodate people in fast-growing cities. Overpopulation is also noticeable in other ways. In short, it’s unusual morning traffic, and a stink regularly plagues the city. But despite all these issues, Luanda is another fascinating African aspect that is worth experiencing.


Just 70 km south of Luanda, Kissama National Park is a nature reserve that has used its wonderful natural environment to protect and protect many African species. The park was founded in 1938 as a nature reserve and became a national park in 1957. During the Civil War, parks and poaching victims were ignored, but buffalo, elephants, and even sea turtle populations were skyrocketing. In 2000, the park received ten elephants by airmail from Russia.

Tundra vala fissure

The Tundavala fissure is one of Angola’s most spectacular natural attractions. It is located between the cities of Lubango and Namibe, 2,600 meters above sea level. Of course, the scenery is fantastic at this altitude, and the visible scenery is some of the best that Africa offers. The view of the descent to the sea’s surface, often reached by thrill-seeking hikers, is dazzlingly steep. In addition to the steep rocks, Tundavala also has savanna, grass, and forest landscapes.

Dillon lake

This mythical lake is located in Mexico, eastern Angola, and it is the largest lake in the country and is a significant tourist attraction. The lake is just outside the boundaries of Kameia Park but is full of rare species of birds and wildlife, such as aquatic life. The length of the lake is an impressive 12km, about 1000m above sea level. The myth surrounding this lake is the unusual waves that always head east of the lake, and folklore believes these waves are supernatural forces that discourage people from fishing in the lake. If you want to dip in the lake, September is the best month, with a comfortable temperature of 32 degrees Celsius.

Dala waterfalls

Located in Lunda Sol, Dara Falls is about 60 meters high and is reminiscent of the spectacular scenery of fog and splashes created by the water hitting the rocks below. It is convenient to see the waterfall from the bridge near the foot of the waterfall, but the hotel is built just 50 meters from the waterfall. This waterfall, also known as Chiumbe River Falls, should not be confused with the small Cassengo waterfall in the same area of ​​Angola.


What age can you drive in Angola?

The minimum age required to get into Angolan cars is 21 years old. The under-25 age range is available, but this is not available to young drivers.

What side of the road do you drive in Angola?

Driving in Angola is on the right side of the road.

What language is spoken in Angola?

About 80% of citizens speak Portugal as a first or second language. National dialects include African languages ​​such as Khoisan and Bantu, and the latter is the most widely spoken language.

Can my IDP replace my national driver’s license in Angola?

An IDP does not replace a valid domestic one; it is only valid with a complete and valid driver’s license from your home country. Your IDP will expire when your native driver’s license expires, so you must ensure your driver’s license is up-to-date and valid while traveling.

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