International Driving Permit Suriname

In South America, Suriname is a small country that combines rainforests, raging rivers, Dutch colonial history, and ethnic diversity. You can spend time between the dense and pristine jungle of interiors and the bustling modern city with shopping, great restaurants, and fantastic nightlife.

So travel in your comfort, be your guide. Rent a car to tour around Suriname. But before that, there are some legal documents you should obtain.

What is the difference between an International Driving Permit (IDP) and an International Driver’s License (IDL)?

An International Driving Permit is a small grey booklet marginally larger than a passport containing a translation of your original driving license in 10 languages, including English, French, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, and Spanish. It is recognized by 141 countries worldwide and is valid for one year.

In comparison, an International Driving License is not a legal document and cannot be used to drive in foreign countries or instead of an IDP.

Benefits of carrying an IDP

It acts as an identity document.

IDP can also replace a valid Hong Kong ID card. The IDP is translated into many languages ​​and understood by the transportation authorities so that it can be used as an ID card for foreigners. IDP guarantees that law enforcement officers can quickly write down your details and send you along the way. This is especially useful in emergencies and car accidents.

Rent and overseas drive

You must carry an IDP to drive a vehicle in many countries. Most countries do not accept international driver’s licenses and can be subject to heavy fines, and car rental companies may also refuse to rent a car without a driver’s license.


Foreigners can drive in Hong Kong with a valid driver’s license. A valid foreign driver’s license holder from a particular country can obtain an exclusive Suriname driving license without testing. However, if your stay does not exceed one year, you must apply for an International Driving Permit in Suriname.

Driving requirements for non-citizens in Suriname

As a foreign driver, you need to obtain an international driver’s license when driving in Suriname. Updated Road Traffic Acts have been introduced to ensure road traffic safety for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. The law requires all foreign visitors wishing to drive in the country to have a valid IDP and their local driver’s license.

If you are driving in Suriname, you will need an updated IDP to serve as an additional document to support your local driver’s license. Valid for one year, you can rent and drive any vehicle you want to use, which is very convenient in the event of obstacles.

You may exchange your license for a Surinamese driving license if you cannot acquire an international driver’s license at a local police station.

Car rental in Suriname

There is a car rental company in Suriname near the airport. This is very convenient for both local and foreign travelers. Once in the country, you can easily pick up your favorite car and leave for Suriname. The cheapest method to get a car is online websites. You can select the vehicle you want by visiting the rental car website, checking availability, and comparing prices. Most of them accept credit card payments for your convenience.

As a foreigner, you must have complete legal travel documents while visiting Suriname. Even if you drive a car or motorbike, you should always carry your passport, local driver’s license, international driver’s license, and tourist visa to avoid legal enforcement issues.

If you are over 18 years old, you can drive to Suriname. However, you must be at least 21 years old to rent a car. Before providing service, Suriname car rental companies require a valid ID document containing personal information, including date of birth. If you are under 25, you risk being a young driver, and an additional fee is required.

The cost of renting a car in Suriname depends on the type of car you want to rent. You also need to consider size, performance, and insurance. Most car rental companies offer free cancellations, but you can pay extra for services such as GPS navigation and child seats. Prices range from $ 60 to $ 100 per day.

For your peace of mind, car insurance is essential when renting a car. Traffic rules are different overseas, so I don’t know what will happen on the road. Most car rental companies offer insurance packages to protect you and your car. If a third party is involved in an accident, car insurance can help you recover financially. As a foreign driver, it is highly recommended that you protect yourself entirely for a stress-free trip.

Most essential rules of driving in Suriname

You won’t face any difficulties if you have an IDP in Surinam. Several updates were made regarding national traffic regulations, a good reason to get an IDP. Many tourists don’t have trouble observing Suriname’s driving regulations as it’s similar in many ways.

  • The speed limit for highways is 80km/h
  • You have to carry a driving license in Suriname
  • The Emergency Service’s contact numbers for Suriname are 112
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol is strictly prohibited
  • Avoid driving at night
  • Passengers and drivers should always wear seat belts when driving
  • Traffic in Suriname drives on the left-hand side
  • Most locals in Suriname can speak English

Driving abroad

An ITA-issued license is necessary for international driving to be legally allowed to rent and drive vehicles abroad. Some rental companies may require the use of IDP before you hire. Many customers face situations when they travel to their destination without knowing they need to buy their international driver’s license, which helps. Our staff is always available to answer any query that arises.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Suriname

Suriname is a relatively small country within the Caribbean that shares the amazon forests with Guyana and France. The area carries a variety of local flora and fauna. Enjoy a whole vacation with the IDP in Suriname. The forms are easily accessible for your benefit. When arriving in Suriname, not only are their breathtaking views, but there’s a variety of exotic animal species. Many visitors come to this beautiful land to experience its unique experiences.


Galibi is Suriname’sSuriname’s most prominent tourist destination located within the district of Maorwijne. Tourists will be sure to enjoy this mystical island. If one takes a bus from Paramaribo to Galaibi, it takes approximately 4hrs to get to Albina, where Albina is located. Once you enter Galaibi, there will be limited WiFi access to enjoy all the attractions. Guests may also enjoy an oyster feast, savor their educational system and find sea turtles.


Commewijne district is located on the riverside side of the Suriname River and is a popular holiday destination. Upon arrival in Melbourne, you must hold an international driver’s license from Suriname. The file on IDPs is available for download. Visit the best attractions of the district, including Warappa Kreek Museum Bakkie, Pepperpot nature park, and the Hindustan mosque. There are many plantation areas throughout the town, especially in Nieuw Amsterdam, which preserve the city’s rich history. Avoid problems by keeping all the necessary documentation when traveling for coffee/cocoa production.

Brokopondo District

Suriname’s environmental protection is particular. Brokopondo is a place on all continents where parks can be found. The city also houses a famed human-created lake Brokopondo. Please ensure you always have a valid Driving License for Suriname. Once you get there, you will become obsessed with the vegetation around you. Brokopondo offers a variety of activities that are ideal for a person that loves the outdoors, including trekking and cycling. A hike around the area gives you breathtaking scenery and clear blue skies.


If you are in Surinam, Paramaru is sure to be missed. Suriname’s capital is amongst its most busy cities, and Parbo is a popular place for shopping, unwinding, or savoring food. This town has several natural parks, restaurants, boutique shops, and historical forts. Bring your passports, driver’s licenses, and visas for your trip to Suriname. In the United States today, foreign drivers can only get an automobile if they possess all the necessary documents.


Brownseg is an island town situated close to the Brokopondo reservoir. Its population was under 5,000, but it is considered an exciting location for Suriname. When driving in this region, check if you have an International Drivers Permit from Suriname. This site provides all the necessary info to apply for a migrant visa. It is certainly worth the drive while hitting the rest of the way.


What is the legal driving age in Suriname?

The legal minimum driving age in Suriname is 18 years old.

Can I drive in Suriname with my national license?

A new Suriname law allows visitors to use an automobile in Suriname with a valid IDP. Those without a license can get permits through our website.

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