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Yet to be Answered Questions

Why is it neccessary to pay for fishing on the post effective 15 April 2014? Most places in the state of Virginia that charges for a pass has public facilities and water fountains. What will the money be used for? There is no fishing pier, no restrooms, no water fountains, no cleaning station or anything. All the other post and bases that charge for a pass has some sort of accomendations for the persons who are fishing at the very minimum there is always a restroom (portable Toilet). I been fishing on Fort Eustis for over 25 years and the last few years there has been many changes. There is nothing in place anywhere on Fort Eustis that makes fishing enjoyable and family oriented. Charging individuals to have a pass in my opinion is going a little to far. Everyone who fishes on "Post" are "active duty soldiers, dependants and retirees". The fishing on post is off limits to those who are not authorized to fish so those personnel being targeted are active duty soldiers, dependants and retirees. I am a retired veteran and it isn't fair to pay to fish and there is no facilities available to accomodate those who are fishing. Commercial Fishing is done on Fort Eustis I wonder if they're paying a fee for fishing. You can often see the nets from Harrison Road while fishing. Most people will go some where else to fish if they have to pay for a pass. Especially if there is a pier, with a water fountain and a restroom. I have no problem spending 10 dollars for a pass. However, what will the cost of a pass be used for. The areas where must people fish at are in dire need of repair. Across from Horse Stable on Harrison Road has not been repair since the hurricane in 2003. The dirt has been washed away and needs to be re-graveled. The picnic areas aren't policed or cleaned up on a daily basis. If the cost of the pass was used to improve the fishing areas then maybe it would not be so bad of an idea to charge. Make fishing on Fort Eustis a pleasant and favorable event.

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