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I am attending a reunion and will be in uniform. I am confused about my rank. I was AD USAF from 81 - 85 (left as an e4 SrA). Went in NJARNG as a spec4, was promoted to E6 for OCS, and upon graduating (O1E) there was no position to go to. So I left the guard (after 1.5 years), and took a AGR position as an E5 Ssgt in the NYANG. I then transferred to the AF Reserve in 1989 and served during Desert Shield (1990) and Desert Storm (1991). What uniform/rank do I use? I consider myself Air Force; but, my highest rank was achieved in the Army Guard. As a matter of fact, other then aircrew wings, I don't even have any Army ribbons or medals. Do I wear an Army 1Lt uniform with all AF decorations? An AF 1Lt uniform? Or an enlisted E6 (Army Ssgt or AF Tsgt).

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