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I had an appointment to update my ID card and DEERS info in order for me to enroll into Tricare for retired reservist. The day of my appointment I just happen to try to call out there for instructions, but no one answered the phone. I then called back and hit another option; I was then told the office was closed because the camera is broken. My problem is if I had and appointment and no one called or emailed me to notify me of this. I would've driven over 50 miles one way to get there. This is terrible customer service, and as of today 7/15, no calls are still being answered. They should set up a voicemail with information and refer you to another location or something. This is so poorly ran and I am uninsured because I can't get my DEERS updated and ID card. I may have to drive all the way to SAN ANTONIO, TX to get this done, and they are only open Mon-Fri. Is there another location with a phone number to make an appointment to avoid driving all the way down there and not getting anything accomplished?

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