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I get a portion of my ex's pension monthly, last year DFAS put a "cap" on it as support was taken out of his pension also and for 8 months i was getting the wrong amounts, i have since had to hire an atty. To correct the problem but there is still $7,000 in pension i never received, is DFAS or my ex responsible to pay that back? As its in our judgement.

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Unfortunately, you will not be taken care of on this or any other sight. I am a Viet Nam widow as well as a 25 year veteran military wife. DFAS or anyone else will not care for you. My ex remarried and she is drawing her ex's half pension, I was told I couldn't remarry, I am 64 she is 23 yrs younger. I moved our family 12 times, she's married her two old men with pensions. When our 29 yr old son died, they said 'send us half in a box, good luck! You aren't who anyone cares about any longer

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