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my husband is about to graduate basic from ft. benning in GA, then he is suppose to go to his ait at redstone arsenal right after, yet he has 2 weeks in between do you know if he can come home at all during those 2 week? and i am planning on moving down to alabama from ohio to be with him, should i get an apt for 3 months while they figure out base housing?

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Your husband can normally ask for leave from his unit in between schools but since he is just finishing basic it might take awhile to get it approved since he will not have accrued much (2.5 days per month of active duty).  He might have a week available but it counts on weekends too.

Has your husband been assigned to Redstone after AIT or is he there just for school?  If permanently assigned (PCS) you can apply for housing as soon as he has his orders.  That would allow you to see how long the waiting list might be.  If you know the waiting list time then you can see about an apartment too. 

Sometimes the best option is to wait and see what is available but if he has his orders he should apply for housing as soon as possible.

Best wishes on joining the wonderful military spouse service organization!  You are much appreciated for your service as well!  Get involved once you are at Redstone!

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