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INITIAL ARRIVAL PROCEDURES.   Upon arrival at San Antonio International Airport or to Ft Sam Houston by vehicle, soldiers will report as follows:

a.  Permanent Party Soldiers (Officer and Enlisted).  During Duty Hours report to: Building 902, BDE S1; Phone: 210-221-4077/4314.   After Duty Hours report to Building 2840, SDNCO; Phone: 221-8569/8841

b.  Students.  

          (1)  Enlisted.

68W10, Health Care Specialist Course Report to:

232nd Medical Battalion Headquarters

68D10, 68G10, 68J10, 68K10, 68P10, 68Q10, and 68WM6
(Phase 1) Report to:


264th Medical Battalion "Answering the Call":

Reporting DURING duty hours:
Report to Bldg 928 / BN S1

Reporting AFTER duty hours:
Report to Bldg 919 / Staff Duty NCO




All Other Enlisted Courses Report To:
187 th Medical Battalion Headquarters


BRAVO CO. 187 (Bears)

CHARLIE CO. 187 (Tigers)

DELTA CO. 187 (Warriors)
Interservice Physician Assistant Program (IPAP) 68W ASI: P1, P3, Y6, N9, N3 65B, 68V

(2)  Officers

Officer Student Personnel Report to:

Basement of Building 2840; A. Company 187 th Medical Battalion
Phone: After Duty Hours 221-8355/ During Duty Hours 221-8329/6707/8318. 

Or go to Alpha Company 187th Medical Battalion: Home



a.        Duty Assignment Documentation. The 32D Medical Brigade G-1 is the agency that is responsible for assignment designation of all permanent party personnel reporting to Fort Sam Houston with orders to the Army Medical Department Center and School (AMEDDC&S).   

b.         In-processing Procedures / New Arrival.


(1)  On the first day of arrival to the AMEDDC&S, each new arrival will report to the 32D Medical Brigade G-1, BLDG 902, Wagner Hall.  

(2)  Once Brigade G-1 provides the duty memorandum, Brigade G-1 will call the Battalion S-1 and tell the Battalion S-1 that a new Soldier is on his/her way down.

(3)  The duty uniform for in-processing is the Soldier's duty uniform.  (It is suggested the Soldier report as close to 0800 hrs as possible to ensure an appointment can be made at the Installation In-processing Office (Bldg 367)).


4)  After in-processing within the assigned unit, the Battalion S-1 will coordinate with Central In-processing, Bldg 367 for the Soldier's attendance at an in-processing briefing located in Building 367. In-processing at Building 367 is conducted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning (less training holidays and federal holidays). The Battalion S-1 will issue an Installation Checklist (DA Form 5123-1, Personnel In-processing Record).  Additionally, the following activities will be required to be in-processed by the Battalion S-1:

a.         Government Credit Card Processing

b.         Acknowledgement of policy and procedures pertaining to Off Duty Employment as directed in the 32d Medical Brigade.

c.        Soldiers will in-process at their unit of assignment after completing in-processing at their Battalion S1. Unit level in-processing is facilitated under provision of the Decision Support Center (DSC), which captures the following information:

1. DA Form 31 (Leave) and TDY
2. Personnel Data Sheet
3. Enlisted Record Brief / Officer Record Brief
4. Profiles
5. Suspension of Favorable Personnel Actions Status
6. Family Care Plan
7. Training Records (APFT, Weapons Qualification, Common Task Training, Dental Verification, Driver's Training)
8. Duty Roster
9. Professional Filler System (PROFIS)
10. Soldier Readiness Processing (SRP)
11. Clothing Records / Unit Supply


(5)  Units will ensure that Soldiers report to Building 367 NLT 0715 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for scheduled appointment for the installation in-processing briefing (Appts scheduled by Battalion S-1).  Ensure Soldiers have the following items:

a.        DA Form 5123-1 (Personnel In-Processing Record)

b.        DA Form 31 (Request Authority for Leave - original copy)

c.        Duty Assignment Memorandum provided by HRA.

d.        Copy of last evaluation report (E5 and above) or memorandum if Soldier out-processed last unit without a report

e.        Personnel Records (Soldier must bring documentation to support any record updates. SPC/SGTs who are promotable to SGT/SSG must have their promotion packet with their personnel records). The Installation In-Processing Section will hold the personnel records until all SIDPERS updates have processed. When a current DA Form 2-1 and Enlisted Record Brief (ERB) has been received, records will be transferred to the Personnel Services Branch.

f.         Dental Records

g.        Education records (if applicable)

h.        Marriage Certificate/Birth Certificates/Divorce Decree (needed if dependents are added/changed on DEERS)

i.          Travel expense receipts to support travel voucher submission.

j.          Health Promotions Center

(7)  The Fort Sam Houston Central Issue Facility (CIF), Building 2640 requires all Soldiers to in-process. Although equipment may be not issued, the CIF requires each Soldier present during their normal operating hours to capture their information and potentially issue special clothing and equipment as required.

(8)  Soldiers must complete all unit, and installation in-processing within seven working days. DA Form 5123-1 will be turned in to the Battalion S1 with a suspense date of seven days from date of issue.

(9)  POC for in-processing is the assigned Battalion S1.

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