The Fort Campbell Transportation Personal Property Inbound/Outbound Section is responsible for making arrangements for shipments of all personal property.
Inbound Section Telephone: (270)798-7151 Hours of Operation: 7:30-3:30
Outbound Section Telephone: (270)798-7151

If you are a first termer from AIT and is PCSing to Fort Campbell. You would need to make your transportation appointment at the nearest military installation to your residence. If you have any questions, call the Transportation Office for Inbound at 270-798-7151 YOU MUST HAVE YOUR ORDERS TO SCHEDULE YOUR TRANSPORTATION APPOINTMENT.

One of the most important things you can do in preparing for your move is to Know Your Entitlements.  The best way to familiarize yourself with procedures is to read the 'It's Your Move' pamphlet.  You can pick up a copy at the Transportation Office of the nearest military installation or current duty station.  Once you receive your orders, you should call the Transportation Office at your current duty station or Fort Campbell Transportation Office (Inbound Section 270-798-7151) to schedule an appointment with one of the counselors.  This appointment is very important in the moving process because it is then that you actually schedule the date of pickup, learn your entitlements and get any questions answered.

If you are PCS from Fort Campbell to another location, you must physically report to the Transportation Office with 6 copies of orders to schedule your transportation appointment.  The Transportation Office will not schedule appointment over the telephone.

Bring at least 7 copies of your orders to your appointment, or leave them with the representative that may be acting on your behalf.

Power of Attorney or letter of authorization, again for individuals acting on the behalf of the member.

Origin, in-transit and destination telephone contact numbers if possible.  This will ensure contact with you should a problem arise with your shipment while in the carriers possession.

The date when you would like your property picked up.  Be as flexible as possible.  Although every effort will be made to obtain the dates you request, remember there are other factors that come into play.  Such as: how much advanced notice we have as well as  carrier availability.


Household Goods (HHG):  this will be the standard shipment for a PCS within the CONUS or overseas.  HHG contains the bulk, if not all, of your shipment.  Transit time varies and is based upon the weight of the shipment and the distance to the destination.  See the HHG weight chart for authorized limits.

Unaccompanied Baggage (UB):  sometimes referred to as 'hold baggage".  UB is limited to clothing, dishes, small TV / radio, baby crib and other necessities needed to ensure an added air of comfort.  This type of shipment is very useful when a PCS takes you to an overseas location as it allows essential items to arrive sometimes up to a month earlier than the HHG shipment.  However, in unaccompanied assignments overseas, this is the only shipment authorized.

Non-Temporary Storage (NTS):  in this shipment, an arrangement will be made to store your property for an undetermined length of time.  This is not to say it can be stored forever and a day.  An expiration date will be set, and it normally is equal to the tour length of your assignment.  The weight limit for this type of shipment falls under the HHG weight limit.

Do-It-Yourself (DITY) :  This program was devised to provide military members with an alternative way to move personal property within the CONUS.  This method provides convenience for the members, as well as paying an incentive for moving yourself.

Two factors govern the weight allowance for household goods that may be shipped at government expense: pay grade and dependents.
This allowance includes the weight of household goods you ship, place in storage, or send as unaccompanied baggage.  YOU- not your transportation officer or the carrier - are responsible for staying within weight allowance. If household goods exceed the weight allowed by the Joint Federal Travel Regulations, members will be required to pay all charges associated with the excess weight.
For this reason, it's a good idea for members to estimate the weight of their household goods shipment. An easy and fairly dependable method for making this estimate is to figure 1,000 pounds per room ( not including bathrooms ), then add the estimated weight of large appliances and items in the garage, storage rooms, and the basement to that amount.
The following table outlines the weight allowances authorized by pay grade.

0-10 18,000 18,000 2,000
0-9 18,000 18,000 1,500
0-7/0-8 18,000 18,000 1,000
0-6 18,000 18,000    800
0-5 16,000 17,500    800
0-4/W-4 14,000 17,000    800
0-3/W-3 13,000 14,500    600
0-2/W-2 12,500 13,500    600
0-1/W-1 10,000 12,000    600
E-9 12,000 14,500    600
E-8 11,000 13,500    500
E-7 10,500 12,500    400
E-6    8,000 11,000    400
E-5     7,000    9,000    400
E-4     7,000     8,000    400
E-3     5,000     8,000    400
E-2     5,000     8,000    400
E-1     5,000     8,000    400


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