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For Personnel Locator information got to the Contacts list.

Morale Minder - the automated telephone system that enables deployed members to make HMW calls 24/7. While TDY you can call the base toll free @ 1-800-248-9969 or DSN 238-2000. The voice prompts will direct you through the steps necessary to complete your calls:Press 1 to get into the Morale Minder System; Press 1 for a morale call;Press 1 to dial a number; (Listen careful to the directions for dialing)Local , dial 99 ,the number,  then the # sign ( 99-555-1212#) Buffalo or regional,dial 4, the number, then the # sign (4-856-1234#)Long Distance  Calling Card, Collect, Toll Free Operator Assist,(i.e. Sprint, MCI, AT&T), dial 99 then the appropriate toll free access number followed by the # sign (99-1-800-555-5555#)Press 2 to dial a four digit on base extension, then dial the base extensionPress 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 for specific frequently called base extensions Press 9 if you need to be connected to the base Help desk (0700-1700)

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