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Because of its mid-latitude, West Coast marine-type (rain), the Pacific Northwest has a reputation for being exceptionally rainy, and we do get our share, but there are places in the U.S. that get even more rainfall than we do. The Kitsap Peninsula area "averages" around 73% in humidity during the year with an average of "only" 39 inches of rain on an "average" of 160 days with measurable moisture. Local rains often will fall , with the winter skies remaining grey for days or weeks. December usually is the wettest month with July the driest month usually. "Usually" is the operative word. Long summer heatwaves and heavy winter snowfalls are infrequent in the Puget Sound area but we have had 90+ degree stretches and snowblasts that do occur. Long range accurate forecasting are difficult to do even by weather experts. Every season has its rainfalls, with varying amounts recorded in different parts of the county. The roads however may become dangerous to drive on because the county does not have as much snow removal equipment as other parts of the country have available. "Black Ice" is another road condition to be aware of, since it is not visible and is treachous if hit at high speeds. Many "spinouts" occur due to black ice on the roads. Drivers who are inexperienced in driving on icy, hilly terrain are advised to be extremely careful. Many cars, even 4x4 trucks, end up in the ditches alongside the roads when we have snow and ice conditions.

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