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All officers and enlisted soldier must report to the 525th Replacement Company.  Regardless of unit assignment, upon arrival all officers and enlisted soldiers must report to the 525 Replacement Detachment Waller Hall Welcome Center, Bldg 2140, 12th St & Pendleton Ave Fort Lewis WA.  If you are delayed, or requesting a leave extension, call the Welcome Center (253) 967-7004 or DSN 357-7004.


Incoming Department of Army Civilians should report to the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC) located in Bldg 2015 on corner of Pendleton & North 4th St., next to the main fire station.  Be sure to have your most recent SF50 and other personnel records when you report for in processing.

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Uniform Policy

The duty uniform for Fort Lewis soldiers is the Battle Dress Uniform (BDU), unless otherwise specified by the appropriate commander.  You can purchase patches and other items at the Military Clothing Sales Store, which has relocated in the Post Exchange Mini Mall, Bldg 2202, (253) 964-3749.

You can expect to be with the detachment six days.  Once you sign in, you will receive a billeting assignment, bedding and a temporary meal card if you are not on separate rations.  If your family arrives with you, the Welcome Center will help make them comfortable while you're in processing.  To avoid difficulty with obtaining temporary lodging for your family, make reservation at the Fort Lewis Lodge, (253) 964-0211/1-800-G0-ARMY-1.

You should have all your records with you:  personnel finance, medical and dental.  You must be in uniform to inprocess. The duty uniform at Fort Lewis is BDU.  Be sure you have enough uniforms with you to begin duties after in processing.

Newly Married

If you have gotten married right before you Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move, you MUST contact your commander and follow the procedures provided to you.  You will not receive pay for travel or housing of your new spouse if proper procedures are not followed.  You will need to work with your commander to get an Amendment to Orders.

Whether you plan on living on post or off-post, you should contact the Housing Office in Bldg 2150.  The office's staff can give you the most up-to-date housing information and offer suggestions on where to look.

If you're expecting a shipment of household goods and hold baggage, contact the Joint Personal Property Shipping Office (JPPSO), Waller Hall, Bldg 2140, (253) 967-9125 or 800-521-9959.

All privately-owned vehicles, firearms, and pets must be registered within five working days of your arrival.

Army Community Service (ACS) is located in the Waller Hall, Bldg 2140 the family information and service center can help you and your family get settled in.  Please call ACS for more information at 253-967-3550/3633.

Before You Move

Relocation counseling - Sponsor need to attend PCS Briefing, Transportation Briefing and if living on Post Quarters also the Housing Briefing.

Finances - DLA, TLE (10 days when PCSing Stateside), MALT (Mileage and Transportation Allowance), Per Diem, Advance Pay (this is paid in 12 monthly installments)

Definition of household goods - Everyday living item and the furniture a service member and the family owns.
Unaccompanied baggage (Hold baggage) - When service member is on orders to an overseas assignment they have hold baggage.  The weight of this shipment depends on rank of service member and should immediate needed items.

Self Moves (Do-It-Yourself Move)-The service member has the option of moving their Household Goods, but needs to attend the DITY Move Briefing and be authorized by the Transportation Office.

Sorting of household contents (may entail getting rid of certain things) - Sponsor's professional gear (e.g. Extra TA-50) should be set aside and let the packers know.  No liquids, firearms and propane gas tanks.  

Inventory of goods - Recommended that sponsor takes pictures of video prior to the packing dates.  It can be used if receipts are not available when submitting a claim.

Weight allowance - It is based on rank and with or without dependents.

Disconnecting utilities - Up to three weeks prior to the date when sponsor is moving out of quarters.

Change of address notification - The sponsor needs to notify the Postal Service at least one week from the date that the mail would be forwarded.

Pets - No quarantine required, except for horses.

Insurance - The sponsor needs to check their auto insurance about coverage on other states.  Renter insurance is recommended.

Employment termination notification - It is required a two weeks notification.

Servicing of vehicles - Takes your vehicle in for inspection prior to a long trip so you will not be un-expectantly caught on the side of the road.  If you are coming from overseas, provide plenty of time for inspection and getting the vehicle up to the transportation shipment code to send your vehicle stateside.

Necessary records - It is important to hand carry medical, dental and shot records.  Also birth certificates, marriage license, insurance documents, divorce decree and adoption documents if any.

Contact Family Housing at destination regarding availability of quarters - Once the service member is notified of the next duty station can contact Housing Office to see about quarter's availability at the time of arrival.

Permissive TDY for house hunting - The service member needs to request the 10 days permissive TDY at the present duty station when submitting the leave form.


Travel Planning - Concurrent travel means that the family members are authorized to move with the sponsor to the next duty station and receive full financial benefits.  If it is non-concurrent travel, this means that the family members are not authorized to accompany the sponsor to the next duty station for various reasons (e.g. Medical) and if they do move with sponsor, the financial and medical services will and could be very limited (specially overseas).

It is important to make early reservations for Guest Housing due to the fact that they are limited and if moving with pets not all Guest Housing allows pets.  As soon as the service member receives has order in hand, reservations can be made.

Contact the Relocation Readiness Office for relocation planning as soon as you are notified that you will be PCSing to obtain information on your next duty station and attend the PCS Briefing.

After Your Arrival

Contact your sponsor

Service member/Family member arranging delivery of goods with the Transportation Office.

Filing claims, if necessary, with the Transportation Office within 70 days of delivery of household goods.

Contacting Housing Office for information on temporary and permanent housing - The service member can report to the housing office upon arrival or soon after that.

Contacting the Finance Office for submittal of vouchers - The service member is required to submit all vouchers and receipts at the time of in-processing at Replacement.  There is a Finance Office there that handles all in and out processing soldiers.

Stop by Army Community Service for information (e.g. lending closet, newcomer's orientation) - The service member/family member can visit and request information about the post and the surrounding communities.  The following documents are required in order to borrow items from the lending closet: a valid Military ID/DOD Civilian card and copy of orders.

Notification of arrival to loved ones - The service member/family member can notify their loved ones as soon as they arrive or have an address.


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